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John Munch

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May 12, 2013
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I have used Moemoehime ( in Nippori a few times recently, which could be an alternative to Genkai Lovers. Mama-san says they are fine with gaijin customers as long as a they speak enough Japanese. I usually go for the 60 minutes course for 8,000 yen, and I let the Mama-san book the rental room for me. Last couple of times they booked Sweet Memories ( for me, and last time I remember paying 1,500 yen for 60 minutes. The website pictures are photoshopped pictures of the actual girls, mainly Chinese girl and some Thai.

Last time I picked Risa. She is Chinese and speaks good Japanese and English. She is a smoker, C cup, not as slim as in the pictures but not fat. Nice girl, even talks a little dirty in English during the act which I like. Started with CBJ (BBBJ is OK she said) Did mish, doggy, standing and finished off with mish. Play was all good, the only downside is that she is not a good kisser and her CBJ skills could be better. After the deed was done she gave me a decent massage, asked if she could have a smoke (I don't mind) and talked for a bit.

All in all a good experience and good value for money.
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Thanks for the review. Always nice to have more options!
I can't open the page. It asks me to log in. Is it me?
Check your web browser to make sure it can view & receive Japanese sites as sometimes foreign sites have the capability read the language it is in. Some of the Korean delivery health sites have the same issue. It kind of protects women's privacy from family ' friends back in their country. I believe there is another thread on TAG that talks about this issue.
I tried calling these several times today from between 1 pm and 5 pm. The phone was off or out of range the whole time. Anyone else had any success. I'm thinking of trying the Harem Course (^-^)
Expect more as Tokyo 'cleans up' before 2020.
Expect more as Tokyo 'cleans up' before 2020.

Yes, that sucks. I don´t really see who this place played differently from all the other DHes. Maybe advertising in the newspapers was a bit too blatant?

Anyway, I agree that we will see more of these ridiculous "cleaning" efforts by the bureaucrats. Bleugh...