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Sep 24, 2009
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Gosh, It's only Tuesday! Feels like it should be Thursday! :mad:

How's your day going guys? :rolleyes:
Good Morning Karen!

The coffee just is not working for me this morning. These late hours each day, are really starting to wear me out. Hop your day goes well, at least not working the same long hours as I am.

No more good mornng, good afternoon instead. Just returned from lunch, slowly thinking about doing more work. It is a boring day as usual, not even gossip from the ladies today. Do any of you catch office gossip? It can be intense at our office, lol.
7pm and I'm still at work, this is not shaping up for a nice evening. :( Today has gone fairly well, though I would like to get home at a decent hour. I just know that this guy on my team is going to BEG me to get some dinner together. (He's not that bad - just complains all the time.)
Yep! Still working as well! Don't want to hear your sob story! ;)

You are very lucky if you get to go home at the assigned 'quitting time'. Around our office, for the Japanese workers, 5:30PM means 'lets kick it into overdrive and work harder'. I get the most evil stares when I do leave on time.
Shouldn't you all be working, if you are all really at work??? Oh, I'm still at work too.

Carry on!

Mr. Complainer was almost begging for me to go downstairs with him to get some food.

I am forever, doomed. :( You can stick a label on my forehead that says "SUCKER".
Happy Wednesday! :D Otherwise known as HUMP day! What a miserable rainy day, should have stayed home in bed. ;) So sleepy!

Have a good day everyone, I'll be checking the board off and on today.

Morning Karen.

I'm out in Shinagawa today, it is a rainy mess for sure. Didn't want to leave my warm bed this morning. :(
Welcome Bishop! :D

Glad to see a new face! :) Don't forget to post your introduction thread in the 'Introductions' forum!

It's almost lunch time here!
Where are the rest of you hiding? It's been a long day..... :(
Sorry, it's just been one of those days with no time for playing on the internet. ;) I'll chat with you later offline.
Booooooo...... :( drop me a text message when you have time. ;)
Hello All!

Sorry I have not been around today. I was kept in meetings most of the day except the one hour of lunch I vanished from the office to eat in peace. It's still raining near Shimbashi, going to stay at work for awhile longer.

Good Afternoon if anyone is around! I'm working on a project deadline today, so no free time to post today. ;)

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
Morning Karen! (And anyone else reading...) It sure has been a long week! There has been so much going on. Hope your day goes well!
It's too early in the morning for you people to be so happy. Another cup of coffee and a short nap and then I will be ready for the day.

....well, have a good day anyway! ;)
Welcome Bishop! :D

Glad to see a new face! :) Don't forget to post your introduction thread in the 'Introductions' forum!

It's almost lunch time here!

Karen, is that correct?

Thanks for your reply, I'm sorry for the delay in replying. My job sometimes requires strange hours.

I'll go make a thread in the intro forum! Sorry about that.

Good morning or evening to you as well, wherever you are in the world.
Hey People! Did you have a good weekend?

Looks like it the site was dead over the weekend, which means you guys were out doing something! Something fun, I hope!

Good Monday afternoon to you! ;)
Hello Karen.

This weekend, I was not working but I did hang around Tokyo. I just received the new software that we will eventually switch the site to. That took up most of my weekend, installing, configuring and playing with the new software. It's going to be a bit of a learning curve for everyone that works on the back-end of the site. The user, public-facing portion will be functionally the same but cosmetically different.

Generally speaking, it will work well, once it's out of beta testing.

Oh wow! That's great news!

Can we see it yet???
Can you see what? The software? Your question was not absolutely clear! ;)

If in the case that you were talking about the software, you can log into the network VPN and take a look at the internal site. [Instructions are in the site admin suite.]

If in case you were talking about something else, we can talk privately. ;)

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