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Jan 26, 2013
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In the past I have usually gone for like 45-60 min sessions, but I have been considering taking like say 2 hr sessions moving fwd. with the shorter sessions that's usually enough time to get one pop and that's about it.

What I really want to understand is what the normal policy on multiple shots on goal, extra ball, etc etc is. In the us and uk for an hour or more its usually all hands on deck, go for gold. But I have never given it much thought for delivery health in Tokyo.

If you book a longer session and want 2 or three shots. What's the normal take on that? I'm sure YMMV to some extent but I don't feel like getting in a disagreement about it on the day as it were.

Your help here would be great.
Pretty much same rule in Tokyo I think. Past 60 minutes its as many loads as you can produce.