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Dec 18, 2010
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After reading the reviews on this site it seems to me that everyone has multiple pops and a lot of the sites state its allowed, meaning many ask for it. It made me wonder, is this the norm? I basically build up to one and once thats over, I'm done for a few hours at least... how do you guys do it? :confused:
Good question, Jim. For years I had a similar view and was always in a bit of disbelief when others mentioned multiple pops. However, I think a lot of that had to do with the girls I was sleeping with. Just like you, I would have a long build up and a big pop, followed by some cuddling and be done. Not to brag, but during that build up (or before), I worked really hard on pleasing the woman and did my damnest to get her off first. Thus when I finished, we were both good and tired and completely spent. Most of the ladies I was with from here were satisfied and didn't really initiate any further intimacy (yes, you could also make the case that they weren't satisfied at all and didn't want to bother trying again, but let's not get mean - also, there were girls I was in relationships with and were sticking around for something). So without any further "prompting" from the woman, I figured we were done.

That all changed when I met a wonderful dancer in Korea. Very stunning girl who really liked sex and was always eager for more. So shortly after we finished the first time, she started to work my member again and surprisingly it responded very positively. Then after round two and a short break to replenish fluids, she started again and I was shocked that I was good to go. In fact, we ended up spending about 14 hours in bed and I probably popped 7-8 times.

Bottom line is that what I was missing before was a partner who seemed wanting to go again and was willing to "start my motor" again (such are young and inexperienced girls). The nice thing about being with a pro for a set time (90 minutes seems to be the minimum time required for multiple pops), is that after a short rest, there's not much else to do with your remaining time, so they will usually "get to work".
My basic advice would be not to worry about it; do what pleases you and as often as it pleases you (in the context of commercial sex I is a different story of course with a NP4P partner).

That said, some of the talk about multiple pops is surely exaggeration for the sake of male boasting. Some is just what guym says, namely that you can sometimes get there again if you try even though you may not feel very motivated/interested, or even that it is possible, until/unless you go ahead start sex play anyway. And, I feel sure, some of it...quite possibly most of variations between different guys or even the same guy at different times of his life.

Imo, counting pops is not a great approach to sex, to having high quality erotic experiences, anyway...not for men or women.

Personally, when I was younger I could pretty reliably do two pops in a single "encounter" (with a short rest of low intensity activity between them), but the second was always less intensely pleasurable and sometimes almost too much effort to achieve. These days, I'm only good for one most of the time, and when there is a second, it is usually pretty feeble/weak.

From the provider perspective and the advertising you see, part of that is because customers *feel* like they want and are ready to have A LOT of sex before their first pop, when they are still very horny and turned on. If you get to know a pro well enough that she will be honest with you, they often say that a lot of those guys lose their interest in more after a first good one.

@guym, your first paragraph describes me perfectly! The Korean dancer sounds great :D

Thanks guys. I have not been with a partner who initiated more, since we're both usually spent (real or not). So I guess I'll see what happens in Tokyo. I think a lot of it is psychological too. Thinking it's not going to work is probably half the battle lost hehe.
No disrespect intended, but how old are you guys? I only ask because everyone slows down a bit with age. No need to trouble yourself if you're a bit older and can't do as many in a single session as someone 20 years younger than you.

Lots of good info and advice above. Quality matters too. Sure I can do 3 in one appointment, but, as was pointed out above, it's diminishing returns. First one is great, second one is pretty good, third is alright, and it's just all downhill from there.

The overall quality of the time spent is what matters. Number of pops is irrelevant... as long as it's greater than 0. :D

I prefer it if I can remain on the "build-up" phase for as long as possible, and seeing as my stamina is pretty average (i.e. I'm hardly porn stud material), I actually kinda envy you older guys who take longer to, err, reach the top, so to speak.

What really amazes me are some of the guys on that "other" forum. Some of those guys will post accounts where they went to one pink salon and got off, then another pink salon right after and got off again, then dropped by a soapland immediately after for more action. Wow. Just wow.
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From about mid to late 30's I believe, things start changing biologically. It's not everyone and certain could depend on other life factors as well.