Music At New Hot Point?


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May 1, 2014
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Hey this is a pretty silly question but I just left Tokyo so I can't find out myself anymore, but I am really interested in knowing the name of a particular song (or at least some lyrics of the song so I can attempt to find the name of it via google).

The song plays immediately *after* the two dances. It has a progressive trance/house feel to it with high female vocals. I assume the songs after the dances are the same (can repeat customers verify? I've been here twice and so far it's been the same sequence of songs). All I remember so far is something along the lines of "... You are the music . . .", but that's not nearly enough for me to find it.

Can someone please do me a favor and when they go there next, at the very least record two or three lines of the lyrics? Or if someone straight up knows the song, I'm dying to hear it again. I feel like this thread would catch more attention in the reviews section, but this question doesn't really fit there. :(

Thanks so much in advance!