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    Title: Miss Fukushima, Nako-chan

    Date: May, 2014
    Provider: Nako
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: Fukushima City, Fukushima ken
    Language Specifics: I am fluent in Japanese, the operator most likely doesn't speak English, neither do the girls
    Session Length/Fee: 19900/90minutes (incl. First time fee and name fee)
    Physical Description:
    She is the real girl. I chose her from her 3-size and her blog pictures. No fakes.
    Details: I did all the talking on the phone with the operator in Japanese, but I gave a katakana name, so it was clear that I am a foreigner. No questions asked. The hotel was an easy-access business hotel in Fukushima (NOT Toyoko-inn, etc which have a stricter no-visitor policy)
    Nako-chan arrived on time and she was surprised that I am a westerner, but not in a negative way. She is very talkative and asked me many questions (where are you from, how long in Japan, etc). As a 'revenge' I asked her lots of private questions, too. She is a very down-to-earth girl. Wanted to shower at once (towel provided by shop), but I like to take it slow, especially with such a long session. So we chatted and kissed, she sat on my lap. Then off to the shower! She wanted to take a photo of my chest and dick, but I refused (only if you let me take a sha-me-ru from you, too). Look at her blog pics to see how well proportioned she is. Slim, not fat, with great tits. Her Areolas are deep brown and very nicely formed. Deep Kissing is not her favorite, but we deep kissed anyway. In the shower the cleaning was mechanical but professional. I would give her a B for that. The off to the bed, where I let her do whatever she wanted. The all-body lip on the bed was amazing, A+. How she worked my dick was nice, too. I give her an A.
    FS was out of the question, but her mouth and hand was really great.
    I popped in her mouth and after that we had a nice chat, another shower, dressed and we went down to the lobby together.
    Recommendation: Yes. She is a very down-to-earth girl, not shy at all. Frank talk and good service, but no GFE. I thought the girls in Fukushima would be from Fukushima proper, and I was very much looking forward meeting the locals, but Nako actually lives in Kanto, and drives up to Fukushima 2-3 times per month, each time for 5-7 days. She says there is more work here than in Tokyo (even the prize is lower that in Tokyo, she thinks the work situation is better here).
    Even though the shinkansen ticket from Tokyo is more than the savings on the service, I honestly recommend going out of Tokyo and give the local industry a try.
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