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    Date/Time: Second week of May, 2014, mid-afternoon.
    Provider: Nami (Japanese)
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: She came to my hotel in Osaka (not a love hotel)
    Language Specifics: She speaks very little English, but arrangements can be made thru the website with Sayuri, who speaks native-level English.
    Session Length/Fee: 2 hr, 60,000.
    Physical Description: Mid 30's, slim and firm with a nice perky behind. About 5 feet and 100 lbs as advertised. Her breasts (enhanced) are US size B cup. Photos are accurate.
    Nami arrived on time, dressed conservatively in a classy outfit. Her manner is traditional Japanese, understated, accommodating. The website's description "the proverbial librarian ... with a hint of the tiger" is quite apropos! No heavy makeup or perfume, both of which I appreciate. She was immediately affectionate without hesitation. Not shy but not too forward. She is a good kisser in the Japanese style (lots of tongue). I enjoyed undressing her and she seemed to enjoy being undressed. She undressed me. After we made out for quite a while and things got hot, we showered together. She initiated licking my nipples and my neck, very tantalizing. I enjoyed giving her some careful attention to which she was quite responsive. Eventually I was rewarded with some lovely trembling. She applied herself to me energetically, with good flexibility. Though tiny everywhere, she is able to accomodate the well endowed, and seemed comfortable with my sustained efforts. Afterwards, she surprised me with a really good, deep pressure massage that felt amazing. Then she lay in my arms for awhile, so sweet and lovely.
    Recommendation: Yes.
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    Nice, thanks for the review!
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