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AM Nanae - Asian Mystique Review


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Jul 4, 2010
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(Note: This review is being written months later.)

I was in Osaka for a few days, so I decided to make an appointment with Nanae from AM. For some reason I had been fascinated by her ever since I saw her on AM’s website. Maybe it was because she wasn’t “augmented” like most of the other AM girls, or maybe it was because I’d never been with a Kansai girl before. Whatever the reason, I was especially eager to meet her.

Nanae did not disappoint.

I had her come to my hotel since I was totally unfamiliar with the love hotel situation in Osaka. The hotel I was staying at was less a hotel and more a well-furnished apartment, which was surprisingly swank.

Anyway, Nanae arrived right on time. It was a cold, rainy day, so she was bundled up. She has a pretty face which looked more Chinese than Japanese, if that makes any sense to anyone. (I’m Chinese-American so I do know what I’m talking about in this regard.) And of course her very long, black hair.

The most startling thing about her was her English. She speaks fluent English with a near perfect American accent. It was a bit disarming at first. For a moment I thought that maybe she grew up in American then moved back to Japan. She said she just listened to how Americans talk in movies and TV and just learned it that way. Amazing.

I don’t remember anything about the shower other than that I was cold. Then again, I rarely do. It’s just her washing me down, then me returning the favor, and then moving on. I don’t particularly care for this part anyway. Unless it involves a hot tub. But that’s beyond this review. :p

Nanae has a nice, slender body and small boobs, which I thought looked perfect as they were, and told her such when she said she was thinking about having them enlarged. They were a pleasure to play with and nibble on.

Nanae is probably the best deep French kisser I’ve met in Japan. She’s a lady who really knows how to use her tongue to its fullest potential. Good BJ too, but there was one drawback: covered only! Argh!

We 69’d and then she rode me, and rode me hard. She rode me so hard and good that she had me drained much sooner than I expected.

We chatted for awhile, and it was fascinating, but nothing that I feel I can post publicly. Sorry!

We went at it again for round two, though this time I was on top, so I able to control the pace better, because she’s an insatiable minx in the sack.

After round two, I knew I was done for the evening. She had completely drained and exhausted me.

All in all, I’d definitely see her again if I happen to be in Osaka. She was worth every yen, despite the covered BJ, which is always a deal breaker for me. Looks like I finally found an exception to the rule!
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