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Apr 13, 2010
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Does anyone have any information regarding "Naomi" from Craiglist? She replies as "XOXO".

I am inquiring to her about a booking, her photos she sent me look good, but I wonder if anyone has used her before? She is little pricy but looks good.

Does anyone have any negative feedback on her?
Where is she asking you to meet her? I've contact more than a few of the Craigslist workers, but usually do not end up wasting my money. I can't remember a "Naomi"...
Haven't heard anything about her. Kind of hard to track those girls.

Did you meet up with Naomi and if so, what did you think?

I was in contact with Amber, who got called back to the states, and she recommended Naomi. Any comments about her would be greatly appreciated.

here's a pic of her...

Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, I found Naomi. Check Search on Japan and on Tokyo and then independents. It looks like another site with many fake profiles. But i sent an email to Naomi and she reacted promptly. Her phone number is also on there: 080-1965-3201. Unfortunately we did not meet yet as our agendas did not met.
Well, it looks like I will meet up with her later this week and I'll let you all know how it goes. If you happen to catch her before I do, Rednose72, please let us know what you think.
I met Naomi this week. She is nice. And she looks better in real than in the pictures (for a change). She is around 30 and has a nice body. Flat tummy, nice breasts and cute bum. She said she is shy, but once the clothes are off she is not so shy. Her BJ was great, good technique. Only downside is it was covered. Nice massage afterwards.

I will definitely meet her again.
Based off the good review from Rednose, I also met Naomi this week and I'm happy to report that she is indeed a great gal to be with.

The plan was to meet n Shinjuku and head to a love hotel. She showed up at exactly the right time (very prompt) and we meandered to a love hotel. Since neither of us had a particular hotel in mind, we end up randomly picking one of the older ones near the Koban. As Rednose noted, she claimed to be shy, but once in the room not so much. As for looks, she does indeed look better in person with wonderful breasts.

So, as usual, we started with a shower where there was a bit of caressing and she even used those wonderful breasts to lather me up. From there it was to the bed where I sat on the edge and she keeled on the floor to perform oral sex on me. As noted, it was entirely with a condom, but I was hard as a rock to begin with, so I didn't mind too much. Also, she really applied a lot of suction and effort to it, so I wasn't complaining. After a bit of that, I leaned back and I entered her with her on top. She started with the moaning, which while was loud, didn't seem overly fake and we eventually flipped over to missionary where I popped.

After a bit of a cuddle, she offered to give me a massage which I accepted (she had oil available, but I didn't want to be so greasy). The massage itself was nice and very thorough with her starting at my toes and working up. Of course, she only got to the back of my thighs before I became aroused with touching and we were back at. Again the condom came out quick with the oral sex and I mounted her from behind. After a bit of that, I flipped her over and finished in missionary again. From there it was some more cuddling and the like before a quick shower and the end of the session.

Overall a really nice experience with a couple of notes. Naomi was very passionate and seemed really into the session. - lots of DFK and no need for extra lubricant. Also, she was very vocal and loud - very LOUD (maybe the loudest girl I've ever been with). As mentioned above, it never seemed overly fake (yes, I understand these girls fake it to some extent, but some are better actresses than other), but it was indeed loud. If you bring her home, you better be on good terms with your neighbors, because they will probably hear you. Definitely a lot of fun that I recommend to all.
Sounds great, thanks for the review! Can you specify if shes well groomed 'down there'?
Sounds great, thanks for the review! Can you specify if shes well groomed 'down there'?

To tell you the truth, I didn't get a real close look (no DATY this time), but she obviously did some landscaping and kept it trim (not bare, just trimmed).