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    I'm visiting Japan right now. I'm American but also Japanese and I can speak it perfectly. I really wanted to try going to a Pink Salon and from what I hear Happy Hinomaru is the most popular choice for gaijin.
    I saw a couple of the girls on the website and some of them look really nice. I just have one concern. I have a really small penis (2.8-3.5 inches) and from my female friends experience, they say its pretty hard and annoying to suck a tiny dick because the angle is difficult and they can't move their head as well. So I want an opinion from the people who went there. Which girl is probably the most experienced and best at giving blowjobs? And if you have the same problem as me, can you tell me how it was?
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    If you're American and Japanese and can speak Japanese fluently, you don't need to limit yourself to foreigner-friendly pinsaros. The world is your oyster. :)

    I stopped going to Hinomaru after a terrible experience with Ayaka. If you go there and Jun is still around, she's pretty great. Hands down the best experience in a pink salon I've had was at JanJan with (I think) Yukie. She was awesome.

    I've been going to NYNY lately and really enjoyed that. That might be more enjoyable for you because you're not quite so limited in terms of position like you are in a pink salon. At a pink salon, you're basically on a couch with no arms, so if getting pleasured in that position is awkward, it might be worth the extra money to go to a place where you can lie on a massage table, like NYNY, Champs, and so on. Some of the Chinese and Korean esutes are table places too. Those options are all around 10,000JPY and up, though, if budget is a concern.

    But again - sounds like you can go to places most of us can't.

    Good luck - hope you have a good time!
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    As for Hinomaru, there was another Ayaka last year. The Ayaka 1Sep1962 is talking about is another Ayaka who has been getting very bad reviews even by Japanese customers. The previous Ayaka was cute and had a great blow job. As for the current roster, I hear countless great reviews about Rumi. But my last experience in Hinomaru which was a little over 2 years ago was not that great and I stopped going there and since the last Ayaka left, I quit going there

    But as for Kabuki-cho, I strongly recommend Happy Berry ( which I have reviewed. Though they openly advertise that they accept foreign customers, not all girls take them but a good number still do. The front staff has always been very friendly to me and have treated me with great hospitality. They have much hotter girls, more privacy and more fun for me. Though more expensive than Hinomaru when you take into account selection fees and hotel fees, it has mostly been worth it for me. But their membership policies are really excellent for Japan residents. The more you use it, the cheaper it does get and I am a platinum member now so I pay good prices.

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