New AM girls


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Jun 6, 2012
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Looks like there are two new AM girls, and both of them are not Japanese. Anybody have a chance to try either of them out, Bruna or Wei Wei?
if someone have onfo about these two ladies, please share. i am specially interested in knowing if Wei Wei is or not fat: you know, they do not provide the weight, and in teh text they say she is not for people who likes slim women.
Wei Wei doesn't look fat, but I do prefer slim women, so any time an org posts a girl they describe as 'curvy', make sure to cover up their midsection with clothes and/or their arms, etc, I'll pass. It's just not my thing.
Thanks for the commet; actually i like her face (Wei wei), but i dont like to
hire providers that are not in their weight; i agree with you on this.