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New Gaijin Friendly Pink Salon. Not A Review.


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Jan 3, 2014
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Just a heads up on the same side as Jan Jan just before it from the station guy tried to get me to go in to another pink salon. I'm white so it's obviously gaijin friendly. I didn't check it, next time I will. The girl on the photo outside looked attractive. Thought I would give a heads up though, as Its the first time I saw a guy outside it, and figured others probably don't know about it. It's like 3 doors before Jan Jan. If anyone has been here I'd be interested to hear experience
I don't think it is "new"...
More than a year ago, when I last visited jan jan, Iwas also called by more than one guys in the jan jan's alley. One even offered me 2 girls fort he 3000 yen price... I, like you, sticked to the well known..
Don't go there, imo. I put my review in the other post about this being close to Janjan.