New Hot Point Afternoon Massage

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    i followed the advice from the forum and found near the train station, matched the phone number to the poster outside, and took elevator to 9th floor, and put down my money and electronics, then picked one of the two girls (by pointing and saying 'hy'), then waited for current show to finish and then next group of guys was led into booths, then lady came around to ask about extras and i got the basic 2000 yen extra, (there was no english or pictures in my booth, this site was all i had) then first lady dance, then second lady, then i waited for second lady to visit other people in booth then i think i was last, and she was nice and spoke a little english and then i almost forgot my electronics at the front desk, easy no hassle on a calm afternoon, will repeat, ladies seem to be in early 20s and really hot, one lady even had real boobs, other lady was very flat

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