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    I've been lurking for a while, reading lots of interesting reviews, and finally jumped in and visited these two spots in the last week and they were very different, to say the least..

    Some review sites loved NHP, others Hinomaru. Sure, they aren't the same type of place, but you know what I mean. This is just my opinion of the two, FWIW.

    First, went to Hinomaru. The touts and tencho very friendly and welcoming, though I can speak Japanese, so I'm sure that helped. Asked for his recommendation and he suggested Ai, so I went with her. She was chunkier than in her picture, but that was fine with me---I like women, not girls. Nice, large breasts too. She was friendly and warm and really put in the extra effort. It was a great time overall, had a nice time chatting with her, and would see her again.

    Was working in Shinjuku, so decided to visit NHP. Easy to find, and no hassles upfront. Had to wait about 20 minutes for the show to start, however. After paying the chosen for the extras, the show started and it was lackluster, to say the least. If you've ever been to the even most half-ass strip bar in the US, it would put these performances to shame---and you wouldn't be sitting in a fetid, stinking box to witness it. After it was done, sat in the box for nearly 30 minutes---and did I mention---it fucking stinks in there, and is just seedy, and not in a good way. Finally, the girl came by. She was cute as hell, pleasant, and could give a hell of a hand job, but it was standing and rushed and the whole experience was a bit offputting.

    Went back to Hinomaru. wanted Ai again, but she was busy so got Kirara. She looked way different than her picture, was pretty chunky, dressed in kimono-like garb. Also she had some funky BO going on, but to be honest, I kind of liked it. We made out, I fingered her to orgasm, then she went to town and sucked me dry.
    Again, a great time overall, and well worth the money.

    So, if you're a voyeur and desperate to have a Shibuya/AV looking chick touch your cock, and could care less about any atmosphere, by all means go to NHP. If you appreciate some character, and want a good BBBJ for your loot, hit Hinomaru.
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    Can't agreemore. Never understood why some guys made comparisons between those 2 places, they are not comparable...
    To each his own, but for a cheaper price, hinomaru offers a 20 min sesson with a full naked woman , allowing full touching, BBJCIM... whle NHp requires basic Nihingo, waiting time and offers only a 5 min no touching CBJ from a topless woman fpr almost twice the price....

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