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    Service and/or Provider's Name:

    Date of Encounter:
    July 2018, Sunday around 3pm

    Contact Method:
    Walk Up

    Appointment Length & Costs:

    Shop Location

    Language Notes:
    No Japanese by me, tencho in Japanese, provider in English

    Details of the Encounter:
    After reading here a long time, I tried New Hot Point as first P4P in Tokyo. Even though there is a lot of big help here, I still had some doubts, so if my post is helpful to anyone like me, that's the intention.

    Finding the shop was easy, elevator up to 9th floor, only one way to walk.
    Guy behind the desk starts talking in Japanese, I put 6200 into the tray (basic + service). He wonders for a moment then shows me the service card and I point to 4000 (CBJ and bust touch). He points to the pictures of the two girls (Usagi and Yuria) and I point to Yuria. He starts talking about "no picture", I pass him my phone and he hands me a small bell with a number. He also gives me a #2 tag and I wait with another guy (#1). In about 30 minutes, eight other guys come in and a couple of people leave.

    Another tencho finally signals for #1 (holding up one finger) and the first guy moves towards the curtain. Then the tencho signals #2 and I get up. Yuria greets me behind the curtain and leads me to door #2. I think she even said "how are you" in English. NOTE: no need to take shoes off.

    The booth is really small and I wondered how another person could fit in there. Show starts after 5 minutes or so with Yuria dancing (about 5 minutes), then Usagi. I must say, the performance was not really arousing and I was having trouble keeping my little friend hard. Suffice to say, the girls are not in their twenties anymore, but they were still attractive in my view.

    Another 5 minutes pause and finally a knock on my door. Either guy #1 was very fast or he picked Usagi. Yuria comes in, removes the small chair, says hello in English and closes the door. She helps me pulling my pants down and starts washing my friend (still not really hard) with a towel, then moves my hands to her breast and shortly puts my friend between her tits as well. She asks me in English if it is my first time at NHP and where I am from. Then she puts on the condom (by hand) and start the CBJ. After being so nervous and not really turned on by the show, I must admit she did an excellent job. I'd say less than two minutes later, she had finished her work much to my satisfaction.

    She says goodbye and leaves the room (with no time for me to pull my pants back up) and closes the door again. I dress, get out, exchange the bell for my phone and leave using the elevator again to the base floor.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, May Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    As a first experience of P4P in Japan it was ideal for me. Not sure if I'd go back to NHP, but as a starter, I'd recommend it.

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