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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Shop: http://www.new-hot-point.com/top
    Girl: http://www.new-hot-point.com/cast/yuria

    Date of Encounter:
    November 2018

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    2.2k + 4k service (cbj and boobies touch)

    in shop

    Language Notes:

    Details of the Encounter:
    After reading so many reviews about NHP, thought it’s the safest option for foreigners to get a bj from a beautiful girl.
    I will now provide my first review here.

    First time there. Spoke english and asked if foreginers are ok, no problem. Selected the service and paid, was asked to choose whcih girl for the service. There were two, pointed to one I liked. Tencho then asked me where is my phone, and was told to keep it in my bag. A queue number was given and waited at the open waiting area near the counter for about 20mins while other customers came in one by one subsequently. AV porn was playing and some books were available to read while waiting.

    When it’s time we were asked to get into a small room with the peep hole according to the queue number. Then waited for show to start, two girls will perform for few minutes each and then after the show, waited in room for the service. (idk what's the name of the other lady but both were pretty)

    Yuria came and had some small chat, bit of HJ and the CBJ. But the CBJ is more of HJ which makes sense because of the system there, time is limited as they need to service other booths(will make sense if you go there).

    After service, pack up and sayonara

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, May Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Recommended if you want close contact with a japanese beauty 100% rate
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    Thanks for your review of New Hot Point - seems like we're getting bunch of these lately. Appreciate your time to do this!
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