NHP New Hot Point - Usagi **Pls don't be THAT guy!**

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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    NHP - Usagi

    Date of Encounter:
    Late November 2018

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    1hr+ (2200k + 4000k)

    New Hot Point

    Language Notes:

    Details of the Encounter:
    I went to NHP after a long break and decided to post since there has been so many reviews recently. I wanted to see Usagi after a long break, and visited midday on a Sunday in Late November.

    The usual check-in procedure: check in bag/smartphone, get number, and wait for the show to start. I was #5 and there were about 8 people in the waiting area.

    Was finally led in to my booth after 30mins or so and I was put in a booth with a loud speaker overhead. I thought this was fine since I didn't have to listen to distracting talk or sounds (your style might differ..)

    After awhile, I heard Usagi go into the booth before mine and I was happily mentally preparing for a good time. Then, I heard a loud door slam, and she stomped off - at first, I was thinking 'Great! Fast service - my turn soon!' The next part is where things went bad - I guess the guy next door must have done or said something to Usagi, and so the tencho stormed back and led the guy out while shouting things at him. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear properly because of the loud overhead speakers.

    Shortly after, Usagi came and greeted me, saying how long it's been. I was a little stunned by what just happened, so she briefly explained that the guy tried to do things that weren't allowed, and so I didn't push for any more details.

    She was enthusiastic with her CBJ, but I just couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have since I was thinking about what exactly just happened. She made me promise to visit again soon and then waved goodbye.

    In summary, YMMV and a No means No.

    Please don't be that guy, and ruin it for everyone else!

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, May Repeat.

    Closing Comments:

    Be the Gentleman and let the SP take the lead. A No means No, and could end up much worse than a shop ban if you are not careful. You've been warned!
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    And for those of us who did not study Navajo codebreaking, could you be so kind as to please enlighten us on the meaning of 'YMMV'?
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    For everyone without native Indian blood of any tribe there is google.

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    It's unfortunate but I imagine this type of thing happens. Actually today I went there to see Haruka and there were three other Japanese guys in the waiting room with me and the guy at the counter asked everyone (going from number one to number four) if we have a camera/phone and had us confirm one by one. He even asked all of us to empty our pockets.
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    I had another post about Usagi and yeah NHP seems to be getting more strict with the phone thing. And Usagi's YMMV can go far but what I did was always try to ask her before I touched her. If she moved away from my hand then I stopped trying.
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