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New Hot Point


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Jun 6, 2012
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Hey. Has anyone been to New Hot Point in Kabukicho lately? I went there many years ago and remember it being an okay time. Was wondering if they were still gaijin friendly or not. I think it was just a CBJ place, but maybe it has changed?
Was there maybe a month or two ago. Absolutely gaijin-friendly, although maybe a little Japanese might speed things along. The girl I went with (Ryou) spoke a little English. It's HJ or CBJ. I'd be very interested to know if more was available or if the girls are interested in meeting outside the shop, because both girls that were there were young and attractive.
Meiji...yeah. I wondered the same thing. I am pretty sure the girl that I saw there about 3 years ago is Haruka. Seems like she is still there. She was pretty hot and we seemed to get along pretty well. I shoulda asked her then if there was a chance of meeting after work. Maybe I will go back and try my luck! Thanks for the report!
I went to NHP over the holidays, thinking that it would be dead with everyone out of town/spending time with family. Boy was I wrong. They only had one girl (Milk) on staff, and the place was packed. Attractive girl, but I had to wait a while both for the dancing to begin, and the service afterwards.

Just be aware when you are looking at their schedule if there's only one girl working, you are in for a long wait.