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Jan 13, 2011
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Hi guys - been living in Tokyo for a good few years, and have been involved in the P4P scene all that time. With the closure of CL ERS section here, I went browsing more widely to find freelancers - and found you instead. :p Some good information here, thanks to all those who have contributed, and to the site managers / moderators - much appreciated. I thought it only polite to join, and to contribute what I can.

Perhaps a little controversial this, but here goes anyway. As well as enjoying "vanilla" P4P girls, I also enjoy transexual / ladyboy sex. I've found no resources online at all to help with this, so my contribution to this site will be a series of review threads on this speciality. I'll title them all appropriately, so please just ignore & don't the threads if this offends you or you don't like it. On the flip side, i thik there are a lot of people who would like to give this a try, and I hope you find the reviews a useful resource.

Webmaster, assuming this is okay (after all, an adult guide should be broad-minded :) ) please feel free to move my posts to a more appropriate section if necessary.

Thanks all

Welcome to the site!

As you are correct, this is an adult site. If necessary, we can breakout the sections for various types of service if other people are bothered by some of the material.

I'm sure that the staff is completely fine with this since we have discussed this before. You are correct though, we don't have many resources on the TS/TV/Ladyboy scene. I know that it's hugely popular but still not talked about in the mainstream. (i.e. it's still taboo to talk about openly in social circles)

We would appreciate your contributions for people that may be actively seeking these types of services. Again, if necessary, we can divide things up to keep everyone happy.

If anyone has any comments that they want to share privately, please use the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of this page to let us know.

Thanks for your support!