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New York Grill - Shinjuku


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Jun 21, 2010
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TKO65's Review of the New York Grill: (July 2010)

Many foreigners probably already know this establishment that resides atop the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku on the 52nd floor. I just wanted to share my recent experience there and remind everyone of its splendor.

I recently had a business related dinner there and had a pleasant time as usual. The atmosphere has not changed and the feeling you get during the dinner period is very relaxing. The lighting is dim and the dining area is fairly dark, but there is however, a candle or overhead light at each table.

As you walk-in, you are immediately greeted and ushered to your reserved seating. I have to admit that the elevator service is also top notch; you don't have to wait long for an elevator to arrive. After you are seated at one of the many great tables, an excellent wait staff begins their five-star service.

The prices are what you would expect at a location such as this, where a dinner for two can easily run into the 40,000 yen range depending on your course selection and alcohol tastes. A simple dinner with no alcohol will likely run just over 20,000 yen on average.

Everything was delicious and fresh, there are a few items there that I have not had a chance to experience personally. I have heard nothing but good things from friends and business partners who dine there regularly. One negative note in my opinion, the menu appears to be a little thin for my tastes. I prefer a larger selection of side options and a more diverse main course choice.

After you complete you dinner, you can then move over to the lounge where there is usually a live singer setup against the main window of the room. Please note that that there is a cover charge of 2,200 yen per person for access to the lounge area. If your table is close enough to the lounge, you can enjoy the music from your dinner table. For the best experience, I recommend moving over into the lounge despite the extra added cost.

Overall, the New York Grill is a great place to meet friends, have a nice date or just to meet and talk about business. Reservations are recommended and generally required, so please call ahead. The staff can speak English in addition to Japanese.

This is my first real review, so I apologize if I left something out that should have been said. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer.

Thank you to the staff at the Tokyo Adult Guide for allowing me to submit this report.

New York Grill - Information:

Location: Shinjuku, West Exit - Park Hyatt Hotel, 52nd Floor.
Telephone: 03-5322-1234 (Ask for the New York Grill)
Hours: Daily, 11:30AM - 2:30PM and 5:30 - 10:30PM
Reservations: Required
Credit Cards: American Express, Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard
Year Opened: 1994

Transportation Notes:

Walk from Shinjuku Station - 13min.
Taxi from Shinjuku Station - 5min.
Free Hotel Shuttle from Shinjuku Station - 5min.
Hatsudai on the Keio Line - 7 min.)
Tochomae on the Oedo Line - 8 min.

Special Notes:

This is the same hotel location where 'Lost in Translation' was filmed.

Great review TKO! Not bad for your first one.

New York Grill is a really nice place and I absolutely love the views from that floor.
TKO65, Thank you! Really appreciate the review!

I've been to the New York Grill a few times, mostly for business dinners. I think it's too expensive for a random date unless it's someone you REALLY wanna set an impression on.

The only negative point I can come up with is the location. If you're coming from Shinjuku station, walking is OK, but it takes awhile. I do realize there are other options, but when you consider the scope of the hotel and where it sits, it's really not an easy spot to get to unless you have a shuttle bus or Taxi. There's a number of good hotels in West Shinjuku, they are all about in the same area.

I'm hungry for steak now! lol!
May want to add that it's in Nishi-Shinjuku... just a thought!
May want to add that it's in Nishi-Shinjuku... just a thought!

It says 'West Exit' at the bottom, in the information block.

But, I guess you mean the title or entry information?
I'm glad to see that TAG members have enjoyed the atmosphere of the New York Bar/Grill.

I am the new singer that is featured in the bar. My quartet will be performing there through mid-August, so drop by and say hi, TAG-ers!

{Just an aside- anyone who considers it difficult getting to the New York Bar from Shinjuku station, it's about the same as if you visit Maduro, the lounge at the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills, from Roppongi station- maybe a bit closer than our Grand-er sister hotel...}
There's a free shuttle from Shinjuku station, at least, last I checked.

Last time I was at this place, it was a lady singer... might be worth a trip back.
The lady singer was the one in the movie "Lost in Translation" right? Starring Bill Murray.
The lady singer was the one in the movie "Lost in Translation" right? Starring Bill Murray.

My girlfriend took me to that lounge shortly afer the movie "Lost in Translation" came out...

We had a fun time over a bottle of very nice wine.
There's a free shuttle from Shinjuku station, at least, last I checked.

Last time I was at this place, it was a lady singer... might be worth a trip back.

There are two buses you can take actually.

One is the Park Hyatt Shuttle that departs roughly every 20-25 Minutes, the other one is the Ozone Bus which stops a little bit away from the PHT. A third option is the Hyatt Regency Bus but since that one is still quiet a step away from PHT you might just as well walk or take a taxi to begin with.

Regarding New York Bar, if you are a guest of the hotel they will also waive the cover charge. Not sure if they really charge it but at least it is mentioned in the menu.

It's always nice and pleasant up the on the 52nd. The music is great and overall atmosphere generally entertaining.

I've got this place as top of my list to go to when I visit Japan again in the middle of next year. I have a couple of questions that I hope can be answered for me though.

First, how hard is it to get a reservation? How many days ahead roughly are they booked by?

Second, I looked at their menu's but I don't see any non-alcoholic options for drinks. Just a wine list. Are there any non-alcoholic options that aren't listed on the online menu's. I have a medical condition that can be aggravated by alcohol. It's not too serious so I can chance a glass of wine but I'd rather be able to drink something else.
Thank you for posting this information. It's an area I prefer to stay in so it is appreciated to have additional information.
Thank you for reporting this experience. It's an area of Tokyo I've stayed in and additional information is appreciated.
Thought I might contribute to another thread for a change...

Ate at the New York Grill of the Park Hyatt in February and while it was enjoyable it was a little overpriced, even for Tokyo.

The view was spectacular, but still not quite enough to justify the price.

An alternative I ate at recently was a place called Beacon in Omotesando. By no means cheap, but with cocktails, appetizers, main course and wine, I thought that ~Y23,000 was not too bad, for Tokyo.

I do not have a link but if you search for Beacon & Omotedando you can find links to reviews etc.