Newbie Needing Some Help On Transportation To Soapland


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Dec 28, 2013
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So, Newbie to this scene but I will be headed out of the country soon and while I am headed out, I have a overnight layover at Narita in between flights. So during that time, I wanted to stop by a Yoshiwara soapland as I always wanted to try this experience.

First question....

Erolin guide - I don't quite get this site. Is it just a guide on how services work, or is there somewhere I can click to see the different soaplands? cause I can't find it.

Cheapest transportation from narita to Yoshiwara soaplands area, and then Back to Narita?

I have never stepped foot in japan, so I am completely clueless when it comes to actual transportation. If anyone could help direct me to which trains would be best?

Also, what soaplands do you guys recommend? I've read about Kings Club is pretty good and to avoid Dream 7000.

On my way back, I would like to try out one of the Delivery health chicks on Erolin guide, But I'd assume I would need a hotel in Tokyo? Or would I be able to just get a Love Hotel and not an overnight hotel? (though I assume a overnight hotel would be more cost beneficial since I would need to sleep overnight there anyways...) What's a good but affordable hotel in Tokyo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I will post a review of my experience!

Sorry if any of my questions seem stupid, but as I said, this is completely new for me and I will be by myself.
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Kings Club isn't as good as it used to be, try looking up Darling Harbour instead, it's quite close.
According to the airport map:
It will take you one hour with Express to reach Toyko.

Yoshiwara location can be googled with this: 東京都台東区千束4丁目, I wrote this address and Narita Airport and Google showed me a path including the Limusine bus travel taking 2hs. I dont like Erolin and havent visited that site for long but if it shows Delivery Health woman, you should try to get a hotel near to the shop of choice. I find this a very risky adventure if your departure is early morning. Haneda airport is much closer since it is already in Tokyo.
On google maps search for Hotel New Aoki. It's almost directly across the road from Kings Club.

No clue if you should stay there though, I wouldn't.
For transportation, Its a pain if you've got luggage, but keisei express to ueno, switch to Jr inner loop to shinjuku, which is kinda central. Then you can Jr inner loop to pretty much anywhere worth going. And It's where lots of people stay so health girls would probably go there. I've heard some love hotels let you stay the night, for like 7000円
I've heard some love hotels let you stay the night, for like 7000円

Most love hotels have an overnight option which can run from 7000 yen to a lot more, but this generally doesn't start until later in the evening. If you checked in in the afternoon, you'd be paying the short term rate until the overnight option started, and it may end up being really expensive.