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Newhalf Yuna from Osaka - Tokyo


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Aug 15, 2012
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Hello there, I'm new here, and thank you for this very nice forum, awww.
I have a question please, and I hope someone can help me, PLEASE: does anyone know the japanese newhalf Yuna Kisaragi? Well, in my opinion she is really beautiful, and I'd love a lot to have the opportunity to meet her during a trip to Japan on next winter.
She models and does videos for, and I know that she is from Osaka and working now like an escort with anEscort Agency based in Tokyo.
Does anyone know the name of the agency she does work with, please? I asked for that to Shemale Japan but nobody told me.
Your help would be verry verry apreciated,
really thank you!!! :):)
Here it's a link to her:

Japanese Newhalf Yuna As Schoolgirl - Free Videos Adult Sex Tube - Fetish Videos
...really thank you so much for your help.... but I can't find her!!! The link goes to a website and it's in japanese!!! Can you help me, please? Only to know if I can find YUNA at same Newhalfclub.
Thank you a lot for your help:):)
Maybe this site needs a "special section" for you guys. No offence meant to be given.
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Maybe this site needs a special, "Pansie Ass'' section for you guys. No offence meant to be given.

It's not my bag, either, but we all like different things (WALDT). I'll make sure to call you names when you ask for something a little outside the mainstream, too. No offense meant to be given.
Nice reply :)
So, does anyone can help me about where does YUNA KISARAGI work? I'll fly to Japan in 2 months and I'd like the chance to meet her.
Help me, Please!! :)
outie, I looked through the 500+ listings on newhalffan and she's not there. I don't know if you read Japanese or not, but her name would be written as ゆな or possibly ユナ if she writes in katakana. You can try searching the internet with her name and newhalf, which is written ニューハーフ to see if you can find her. I only saw one ゆな in Osaka and she doesn't look the one in the video you posted.
really thank you for your help!! I'll search her japanese name....I hope I can find how to contact her. It would be a dream getting real.
Thank you so much again :):)
Unfortunately I didn't find her. It looks like someone is verrry jelous of her, cause you can't find her anywhere. That's incredible.
Perhaps maybe she is now happily married to someone who loves her.