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'Nicole from Delicious' or 'Emili from Madonna'


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Jan 18, 2012
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This chinese girl used to work in Delicious with name 'Nicole' during April last year.
After that she swirched to Madonna ( for several months with the name 'Emili'. (she told me she had a fight with delicious mama-san).

I called for her several times from madonna. last time in october, she hinted me that she is facing some problems now as her husband from china somehow got a link about her job with madonna.
So she might change to another shop or change her name in madonna.

I am very much fond of this girl. I called madonna mama-san. But madonna-mama san says emili is not working now. However, from the talk with mama-san I have a feeling she might change the name and may be asked mama-san not to disclose her identity of emili to old customers.

I was thinking if some of you guys have come to have this girl recently ?