Yokohama Area No Bra Wife - Erika/えりか


Grumpy Old Man in Kanagawa
Jan 5, 2016
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100min/19000yen +1000yen nomination fee + 0yen membership fee

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02 / 2023

Outcall Love Hotel (Your Choice)

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Japanese Only

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Baby steps for me. I really don't trust my Japanese too much. I do walk-ins pretty damn good but this is actually the first time I ordered using a phone.

Ordering is quite easy. Browsed the site a day before so I have some knowledge of the pricing, the girls and the system.

It's a small shop, basic DH system. Selling point is the "no bra", "big breast" (巨乳) and "wife" (人妻). "Making out with that no bra mother you saw in the wild". I would NOT expect a slender woman at this shop!

Called up the shop. Announce that I had gone to the sento yesterday (not today) and nominated Erika/えりか. A girl that accepts "International" clients. Staff on the other end confirmed my psuedo "name", "country" of origin, course details, etc.

Walk to the meeting place. Call up the shop again to announce my arrival. Wait for a few minutes and she arrives.

Erika E-cups, bob-cut hair (more shorter hair than her profile pics, unlock her diary photos), quite pretty, smooth fair skin, fairly sensitive body. Shaved mouse. Good body proportions (bigger than in her profile/diary pics, angles make her look slim), big jugs, wide hips. Not married!

She had a camisole and no bra, cute black panties. GND type. I felt that she just ran from her room nearby to the meeting place after putting on a thick jacket over her tees.

She was very nervous. In the room, after she checked-in to the shop she passed over the phone and the staff reminded me there was no FS.

Soft lips. Good kisser w/ tongue. Nice felatio technique. Good lubing from her saliva. Nice hand technique. She's very yasashii.

Early in the session she announced one problem. seiri/生理/monthly period! If the sight of blood was supposed to turn me off, she was terribly mistaken! I was more concerned about the cleaners who'd have to take care of the bed sheets later. Maybe she was just saying it as might do rough play (rough fingering done by newbies). Sometimes I just squeeze too hard on the boobies.

As gentle as possible, I played with her. Quite a sensitive clit. There were real signs of her monthly period. The musk was there but not overbearing. I think the more excited we both became the less it became an issue. I just stayed on the vulva and clit area with the tongue and fingers. Just light touches/massages/licks to pleasure her. No insertion of fingers. Not even a drop of blood.

After the session, staff called me up for an assessment of the provided service. Gave her a 90/100 just because of no sumata.


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A little bit cold for "no bra" nowadays, but you'll find on YT some "ノブら散歩". Haven't actually seen one in the wild though.

If you love slender/thin J-girls this is NOT the shop for you!

Only a limited number of girls with the maru mark for "International". So very very limited options. Good level of J speaking skills since the girls will probably speak zero English.

The website questionaire asks you how many times you popped! It seems there is no real "pop" limit for any length course.
Thank you for your contribution!

Approved: 3/1/2023