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Jan 29, 2013
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Finally managed to register. I'm an old fart. Have been to japan 4 times over the last 8 or so years. First visit(s) were stopover in Kyoto and Tokyo on way to/from Canada.Only a couple of nights. Second trip was a week or so in Tokyo, ditto third trip. Fourth and Fifth trips around 10 days each in Osaka - I prefer it to Tokyo. Stayed in Namba area - convenient to Namba Walk for eateries on the cheap, BIC Camera store, Umeda, Den Den Town etc. May be visiting again in June whilst wife is in Europe. Tourist ( from Oz Down Under).
It's very interesting about the clear divide amongst people that prefer Osaka over Tokyo and vice versus. It would be incorrect to say that more people favor Tokyo since meeting many people that do favor Osaka and other cities over Tokyo. The reasons are usually heavily varied, interesting nonetheless.

Thank you for joining and please know that just because we're the 'Tokyo Adult Guide' doesn't meant we don't like to get information from all over Japan!