November 2010 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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These past few months have been INSANE for me.

We are short by two people and it has had such a detrimental effect on everything in my life. The only thing that is not suffering, is my bank account! Tons of overtime pay but no time to go shopping or spend any money to have fun.

I was a moderator at another forum, I gave that up since I've had zero time to actually dedicate to that position. TAG is still small and slow, so I will stay here for the time being.

Seems like I keep hear about companies downsizing, reducing staff and just generally cutting costs. My company has taken on double the business and still refuses to add more staff and therefore keeping their bottom line nice and fat! :mad: Not sure how much longer this extra stress will last... I'm tired of working and I'm tired of traveling for work!

Hiya Karen. Good to see you around.

Are you going to take a long holiday during Christmas? Sounds like you need it...

Any luck in the love arena?

I have little to no motivation to do much of anything. The only thing pushing me along is three large paychecks coming between now and January. I like you, have been working like mad, with no end insight. Also like your company, we are not really hiring and most everyone is getting overworked.

Did that lazy bitch in your office finally get the axe or just up and quit?

Text me sometime and we'll catch up. Oh! and I may be moving in January.
To quickly answer your comments...

1) Holiday: No. Can't too many year-end deadlines.
2) Love? Relationship? What's that?
3) I'm motivated to keep my job, but the OT is burning me out.
4) She's still here and so is Mr. Coffee stalker.
5) When I'm allowed to have a life again, I will.

....a very worn out Karen....

Aw, sorry to hear things are so difficult for you right now.

Are you pushing weekend too for work? I've been asked to work on some projections over the weekends when our client's offices are closed. Since my time is limited during the week, I don't have much choice but to work on the weekends when our monthly reports are coming due.

I've got a new Japanese worker gliding under my wing right now, I hope I can push some of this mundane work off on him in a few months (or less). I had the same kind of treatment when I started, so it's only fair.

I am trying to avoid weekend work, as much as possible anyway. Depends on what is going on during the upcoming week. We have so many meetings that eat into my actual working hours. Meetings don't really accomplish much around here.

Right now, I could use one more person under me to take care of a few tasks that I really should not be doing. Fat chance of getting someone hired for that though.

Good news for this morning, started doing my old coffee run routine. A very minor amount of happiness, it's better than nothing.

Hey all.

Thought I'd drop in here and say a thing or two!

We're wrapping up a large project at work and I should be free towards the end of this month. Most people are trying to free up their schedule for a winter break. I've already got a few year-end parties on my schedule to attend, glad they've got the money to spend on these things. (So, that's where my promotion money went!)

Not much else to report, really boring stuff going on right now.

For the luck of the Irish, weekend work is out of the picture for awhile. Sorry to hear about your schedule Karen. :(

Stay out of the cold everyone!

It's Friday and the day is almost over. I have lucked out and avoided any weekend work this week, I'm desperately looking forward to some relaxing time this weekend.

No big plans. Just simply relax.

I'm going to head north and visit one of those shopping malls out in Saitama, just to get out of Tokyo for a day. Some girlfriends and I will drop in on the new Harry Potter movie on Saturday evening...

Most everyone have Tuesday off??

It's Saturday now! Away from work and making some plans for the evening.

Good luck with Saitama, I think you'll need a taxi or someone with a car though. Those malls are a bit far from the station, but I have no idea how much a taxi would cost to go back and forth.

I do have Tuesday off, going to try and stay out of trouble. I do have a girlfriend who wants to go see Harry Potter, maybe we will go to one of the IMAX places to see it. Don't know just yet...
Well today has sucked. Just finishing up some work and getting ready to go meet some friends in Akasaka. It was a nice day outside and I was stuck inside getting some work done. Wasn't a total waste though, got some work done while talking to one our very cute and well endowed admin assistants. She was in putting together some plans for our department's year-end party that we're having in Midotwn in about two weeks.

Going to camp out at home tomorrow and I do have Tuesday off as well.

Catch you all later.
Such a post whore!

Sorry to hear about your day man.

Pics of the assistant? That would brighten my day.
I'll just leave this here. This girl is going to bed, what a freaking night this has been.

Haha... but honestly Karen, with you, I'd say the roles should be reversed.

Easily, I could see you saying that to your date. Bwahhahahaha!
Wednesday is December 1st.

Hard to believe this month his almost over and with that 2010 is drawing closer to a close. I'm starting to feel my age since for me, it seems like we just hit 2000 such a short time ago. Certainly does not feel like 10 years ago.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Weather was great and I spent most of my time wandering around some parts of Tokyo I hadn't been to in awhile.

This upcoming week is going to be very busy since we'll be starting to close everything out for the year-end. Seems like we just did this....


2000? That feels like it was ages ago.

Weekend was great, spent some of that OT money and just relaxed in my girl-cave. Mostly watching romance, girly movies etc. Being single again is kind of rough, yet liberating in some ways.

Time to get dinner on the way, I'm famished.

How old are you kids anyway? :D


I don't think anyone here is under 25 and probably not above 40. (I'm speaking of mostly our staff.... everyone else, no idea!)

Guys, you can correct me if I'm wrong! :D

Personally, I am above 25 but not yet 30! :p

Happy Monday to all... it's a clear, beautiful day outside. I can clearly see the skytree today from our top floors. :cool:

I don't think anyone here is under 25 and probably not above 40. (I'm speaking of mostly our staff.... everyone else, no idea!)

For me...well, let's just say that my kanreki was fairly recent.

If you'd rather not have an old guy hanging around and telling stories from the second millennium, just say so! :D

lol, no age discrimination here!

We like everybody, I think!

Now, I am dead tired, going to go pass out! More tomorrow....
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