October 2010 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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Happy October all! :D

It's the bewitching month!

Fall is in the air along with the continued weather that cannot make up its mind.

Work is crazy, really worn out lately with long hours lately. :mad:

Hope everyone else is making out OK this month!

Hello Karen, good to see you.

Time keeps either going faster or it's gettin shorter. :(

I'm so far behind on our web stuff here, it's sad, haha.
Ok. You guys really suck, don't leave me here by myself! :D
But I thought you swallowed? :confused::confused:

OHHH.. well then, I guess YOU will never find out! :rolleyes:

[I'm irritable today due to reasons you can deduce on your own!]
I was just about to leave for lunch. :O

Keep it at a PG-13 rating people. :)
HAHA... @tokyospirit - you tryin to get your red-wings? @karen - I used to hate eating out alone - now it's normal. If you need a dining partner (for food ;-) let me know!
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