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Oh Wow, Mia Of Hole In 1


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Dec 7, 2010
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For everyone here looking for a cute blonde with *very* large breasts, holein1 is the place to be.

Disclaimer, her tits are obviously surgically enhanced, so it might not suit everyone here. I personally don't care at ALL.

What I got:
- bbbj
- fs
- cim

What was not awesome:
- I didn't know the way this provider worked, so every time I wanted to do something, I had to add up some cash. Would have been easier to pay everything upfront.
- She gives her best to speak Japanese with a high pitched voice, which is not the most attractive thing to me, some of you may like that though.
- I had to wait one hour in the love hotel before she came, glad that I bought some computing device with me.

What will make me repeat:
- Tits!
- Ass
- Non-rushed service
- Xmas cosplay, even though I didn't ask for it, it was fun.
- Obvious rarity of this body type in Japan.

All in all, not PSE, but I still definitely recommend.

To anyone willing to try those escorts on backpage because you'd like to spend time with a good ol' "adult movie ready" busty blonde once in a while, pass on backpage, and call Mia. Most, if not all of her pics are real.

When I first called and asked if they were gaijin friendly, the guy got hesitant, but his "OK" probably came because of my (albeit very basic) Japanese language ability.

(I am, of course, always looking for suggestions of busty providers)
Yep it is better to ask up front instead of being blind side per say.
I cant find any Mia at the website. Sure that was her name?
Am I correct to assume that you chose a 40 min course and incurred a ¥2000 transportation fee?

Most definitely. However, I can't confirm because I didn't actually pay much attention, the way it was in my brain was:

Tits are huge -> no result on tineye -> quick check at the prices -> nothing looks outrageous -> call
did you need to speak japanese? do you recommend the hole in 1 agency to english speaker? what train station is the agency based? thank you for review
did you need to speak japanese? do you recommend the hole in 1 agency to english speaker? what train station is the agency based? thank you for review

The operator was totally unable so speak English, so I would not really recommend. (They'd probably just say no, thinking you wouldn't understand the rules).
Hole-in-1 has been in my sights for a while. Thank you for submitting a review. It is nice to hear that they accept foreigners.
Well, some fresh experience...
1. They are not completely gaijin friendly. Only few of the girls are ok with gaijin. Rest are 'Japs only'. It's strange, since almost all the women are gaijin themselves. Please read on. I will clarify.
2. Tits are big, but with implants. Not natural. For me it was a turn off. So decide for yourself.
3. The service does not include FS. So whatever price you will be told on phone will be excluding FS. To avoid uninterrupted 'fun', clarify it once the lady arrives and pay it off. DO NOT ASK THE PHONE GUY ABOUT IT.
4. Check the availability and then call. The phone guy asks for names. If you are a gaijin like me, chances are that 50% of the available girls for the day won't be 'available' for you.
5. There is a noteworthy difference between Japanese girls and foreign girls in the way they treat you. Having been to soapland before, I think I like the Japanese way. They seem more gentle and courteous. Although, I still have the craving for big Caucasian boobs, which is an unexplored territory yet.
6. The girl/women I could have was Angelika or Maja. Since A was busy to fit in 90 minute session, I went for M. She is good, but slightly brown. Not her fault, but it was a turn off for me. For me, cute face is of the highest priority followed by good soft boobs. Rest all is of a very low or no priority. so the start was turn off, and it never got going. I went for FS for an additional 10k, which was discussed in between... Which totally turned me off. I went for it, but was not interested at all. So wasn't fun. We spoke a lot afterwards for quite long, since I thought anything else would spoil my mood completely.
7. I asked for the reason about their partial gaijin friendliness. Answer was that they have understood Japanese guys mentality and find it easy, but with Gaijin, everyone is different, and hence it's difficult. This discussion was the best part of the evening. She is quite nice to speak with. In hindsight I thought speaking upfront and then heading to bed would have been better..

My choice will be soaplands although the Russian/ Caucasian adventure is pending.

Hope this helps for hole in one aspirants though...
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22k + 10k(FS)... Got a feeling that I was charged more. It was a 90 minute session. Hotel room charges extra...
Anyone can help me with the Caucasian adventure?? With FS of course...
I am in Japan for today and tomorrow only and want to see Angelika from Hole in 1. I don't speak Japanese at all so can anyone help me? 10/10/2014 - 10/11/2014
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