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Sep 24, 2009
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So, out of boredom yesterday I stumbled into this website called Omegle.

It's a random, web based chat service that instantly connects you with some random person. Then, you can start up a random conversation. (If you are lucky)

My not-so-scientific investigation revealed the following facts about this service:

A) It's mostly all men. (All is probably more correct)
B) If someone asks you: ASL? You answer 18/F/[random city here]
C) If you give your real ASL details, the chat partner will disconnect you. (Unless you are 18/F/Popular City)

I tried this for 30-40 minutes last night and every single time I answered the truth about my age and location, instant disconnection. One 1 person carried on a conversation with me until finally asking my age, then he was gone in a flash. :rolleyes:

In the end, if you want to have a random conversation with some random person, make sure you stick with being an 18 year old female! :p I'll try this again, pretending to be a guy....

I guess you were REALLY bored. I'm going to try it just to see who I can mess with:

Example: (not me, random example I found)
I am not really sure if that is pure brilliance or sheer stupidity. (referring to the site)

Must resist the urge to click. I can feel my IQ dropping already. :eek:
I really should save some screen captures myself. I tried again last night, I never could get past 20 lines of chat with what seems to be a person. (30 lines if I say I'm age 18!)
As if I didn't have enough sites to waste time on already. lol.

I decided to not waste any more time there. Never had one simple, decent conversation.

Two thumbs down! :mad:
No worse than AOL Hell. Anyone remember that?
No worse than AOL Hell. Anyone remember that?

I'm old enough to remember what a Compuserve address was. :eek: I've got enough people sending me crap on Facebook and IM.
I'm old enough to remember what a Compuserve address was. :eek: I've got enough people sending me crap on Facebook and IM.

lol!! I know what AOL is but my first internet service was Earthlink. (outside of school internet) I remember using netscape in the early days. I was such a noob.
Hey - I disovered the Tokyo Adult Guide because I cant really believe that there's nothing out there like Omegle - but for older people who know what they want more than 16 year old boys who just want basic, and frankly crude, sex chat and wanking. I was seaching and I found this thread!

I think there's a few slightly older people on those sites these days - more then when this thread started - but am I just looking in the wrong place for truely interesting chat encounters?
do many Japanese woman use this site

I have never used the site or seen it, nor had I ever read this thread until your post up from the deep...BUT I can tell you with nearly absolute certainty that the answer to your question is "NO!".

Now, for my next magic trick I will...


I remember some jokers from 4chan showed a screencap of bestiality. They then posted the reaction pictures.
do many Japanese woman use this site

I have dabbled with Omegle a little. Literally met only one Japanese woman and that was after weeding through guys. I was able to get her Skype and we chatted off and on for a week or two and then she flaked lol.

Omegle isn't a useful source for meeting Japanese women online.

There is a site called, which sometimes has Japanese women, but really rare as it is a Chinese chat website I stumbled across while I was living in China.

I'm still hoping that something better than MSN messenger with its sausage-fest chat rooms will come along one day...