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IND One night in Tokyo with Manami


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Feb 29, 2016
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Date of Encounter:
December 2018

Contact Method:
Email (

Appointment Length & Costs:
2 hours/USD600 (65,000 Yen)

Regular Hotel

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Details of the Encounter:
One night in Tokyo.....

Needing to visit Tokyo on business for just one night earlier this month I thought fondly of two previous companions I had seen on earlier visits, but one I was not sure was still in Japan and the other I was unsure if she would be interested in seeing me again as I had a feeling she didn’t enjoy as much our last time together a few months ago when she toured my home city.

With this in mind and based on a previous recommendation I contacted Manami and requested the privilege of a booking with her.

Communication with Manami was excellent and all the arrangements made quickly and the date was set, which also turned out to be the last night on which Manami was available in 2018.

I met Manami at the agreed time near the side entrance to my hotel and was immediately taken by her gorgeous disarming smile and her natural beauty. Quick introductions were made and then Manami took my arm and ushered us both into the warmth of my hotel where we moved straight to my room.

Once in the room we introduced ourselves more intimately and I had my first opportunity to taste a kiss from this stunning woman. We then undressed where I was able to feast my eyes on Manami’s spectacularly toned and shapely body before we enjoyed a hot soapy shower together.

Drying off from the shower we returned to the bedroom where Manami positioned me into the lounge chair and proceeded to give me her highly rated BBBJ, of which I can now also confirm is worthy of her reputation. Then without breaking rhythm a condom was applied and Manami stood up, turned around and guided me into her allowing me the view of her perfectly shaped arse as I climaxed for the first time of several times during our time together.

The next few hours passed for me in an euphoric haze - wonderful deep conversations, sex in many positions, more mind (and other things) blowing BBBJ’s - and all with a stunningly beautiful, intelligent, funny and articulate companion.

My one regret was that the two hours passed too quickly as I could have spent many more in the company of this captivatingly stunning woman.

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No, this review was written without a request.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
A simply wonderful evening with a wonderfully beautiful woman. Thank you Manami for the privileged and opportunity to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again on future visits to Tokyo.
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Thanks for your review of Manami, apologies for the delay in the follow-up process.
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This review echoes my experience from a while back. Manami is a true professional and an absolute beast in the bedroom - doing things i never thought were possible for a woman of her age. Also she does not hesitate to take the lead and work her magic on your appendage. i highly recommend her, especially for newbies.
A fine review.
For me, two hours were never enough to fully enjoy a date with @Manami TMK. She’s A-number-one.
I remember uttering these words when she left my hotel after our first meeting: “Elvis has left the building.”
Thank you very much.

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Thank you so much for a lovely review:)

I truly enjoyed the time with you and yeah, that two hour flew really quickly.

You are a lovely, true gentleman.
I am VERY MUCH looking forward to our future dates.