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Jul 3, 2021
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One of my better experiences

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Swing Kyobashi

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9k for 40m, 3k extras

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January 2024

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Japanese Only

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(Skip ahead over some preamble about how I made my way here)

Every now and then I've been scouring the site Bakusai's darker corners for some ideas about fuzoku places to try. I started trying to find some more places around Kyoto, but it's pretty dry up here. Not an easy task by any means, as the Japanese used there is half formed and rough as, so it's pretty difficult to understand, and parts are in primitive code too. This time though, I ended up finding and discovering a pink salon called Swing. From my search, apparently plenty of extra stuff happens here (members bragging about NN'ing a lot of girls, which is more than I want, but still). Checking TAG, there's only one other review, so let's expand that.

So Swing is in the same Sun Piaza building where other reviewed placed are here, like Gakkouzaka. Swing advertises older girls (the site has hiring for 30s 40s and 50s) so if you want younger, head upstairs to Gakkouzaka. Approaching the doorman launching into Japanese immediately to set a good impression, there was no preamble and only a minimal "nihon daijoubu?" and I was okay. The other review here had minimal Japanese and as I got charged the regular 9k for 40m (7k for 30 if you want) with no gaijin tax, I'd say this place is fairly Gaijin friendly.

As I was being led to my seat, I noticed how positive this place seemed. This was not dark and grimy like Jan Jan say. It was fairly bright, the music was not invasive or too loud, and the (busy) conversation was energetic. Honestly sounded like I was walking into a bubbling cafe rather than a pink salon. Sitting down, there's a reasonable amount of space, I could be comfortable. I was asked for a drink and went for a beer (little early before noon, but hey).

My provider Rina turned up a little slowly and spent some time setting up. We pretty much stripped full down for actual play while we chatted. Now I said the usual here didn't seem like young girls. Rina didn't have the best face, to be fair. I don't mind this so much - I'd rather have eagerness for play than the best looks. However she did have a great body, big firm breasts so whatever, I'm enjoying myself here! She went down for a decent enough blow, though I wasn't wholly feeling it. I'm pretty difficult to finish a lot of times, and almost never from blow (making most of my pinsaro trips duds), but I did pop the question for more "honto ni iretai kamo" - ah, I'd really like to insert a bit. No problem at all, she seemed eager! She asks for an extra 3k, rubber goes on and she climbs on. We manage a good stealthy saddle and I finish well satisfied in good time.

Then the surprising thing, since we had some time left, we not only chatted while I finished my beer, Rina went to get one herself. We toasted and chilled together drinking beer and having fun random chats.

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No, this review was written without a request from the service or their provider.

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Recommended, Will Repeat.

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Honestly, I was just trying to tick off "sex in a pinsaro", but I feel I had such a great service here, I'm well up for multiple repeat trips. Fun and no fuss, no gaijin tax, just enjoy good service. 12k all up is not bad at all.
Thanks for your report!

Approved: 2/9/2024
Nice. Good old San Piazza building again. What was the layout of the room, could you easily see anyone else getting service? Did you see what any of the other girls looked like? And was it like Gakkozaka where you lie on a mat on the floor or was it a couch?
How stealthy was the saddling? Would be cool to let loose and not have to worry about being too stealthy depending on the layout of the place
The place has simple cubicle like partitions and a shawl covering the entrance. Nothing that's gonna block the sound, but the walls were quite high and you couldn't see over. And yes there's a cough rather than the mats. I didn't see any of the other girls.

When she took the extra money she left to deposit it somewhere, and didn't attempt to act secretly herself (no shh attempts made for instance), so I imagine it's accepted there, but I'd rather go careful