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Online dating


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Sep 15, 2009
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do you do it?
what site do you use?
success or failure?

curious if worth attempting to use...
Sorry to have ignored your thread!

1. No, I don't do it for dating, but yes I do use some friend-making sites.
2. Metropolis friends section. (not that crappy facebook wannabe page)
3. sucess 30% failure 70%

It's good for making friends, if you're woman, expect to get replies you don't want. Even if your ad says FRIENDS ONLY, guys will still send you some nasty, perverted messages. :X
1. In the past yes, now, no.
2. Metropolis, and WorldFriends.
3. Sucess for one night encounters: 50%, everything else was a failure.

Scary people out there...
Scary people out there...


As much as I hate the bar scene for meeting people, at least you get to see what a real ass they are pretty quickly! :) When their behind a keyboard, you have no clue what they are really like!