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Sep 23, 2010
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I know this forum is Tokyo focused, but my next trip to Japan in mid January will lead me also to Osaka.
I see that AM has some girls in Osaka and I keep this option as my plan A. But because they have only 2 girls with limited availability I would like to have a plan B.
Can anyone suggest any other escort agency in Osaka with Japanese girls and gaijin friendly?
Thanks for your help.
Hi a4j,

We have really struggled with getting information from Osaka people. There doesn't seem to be much to offer in and around the Osaka area. There are a number of chinese shops and other 'pink salon' types, but nothing like AM that I know of. (That is known to be reliable...)

I'll pluck out a few pieces of info after lunch. Not sure how useful it will be though.
Thanks Tokyo Spirit,
whatever you can find will be of great help.
I look forward to reading your follow up.
It's after lunch now, but I have been tied up with work activities.

As mentioned earlier, most of what I've found (other than AM) is the usuall pink salons/chinese massage along with a small seletion of delivery health type services. It *feels* like foriegners have less of a choice down there. It could be just the perception on other forums, not 100% sure.

I'll post again later from home, I need to go catch my train.
This is another follow-up on Osaka....

I've not found anything concrete that would be what I consider fully risk free.

Still looking though, I just haven't had a lot of free time this week. It's been a mix of girl problems and work problems. JOY!
Thanks for your other follow up.
I am in Saint Petersburg now (great fun available also here...) for a couple of weeks, so I do not need urgent information.
Anyway, whatever you can post before mid January will be of great help to me.

a4j - if you get anything worked out, let us know how it goes.

We have failed the people of Osaka at this point and time. :(
I will be happy to share with all of you my experiences in Osaka.
Just wait for 3 weeks more, my trip was postponed....
This is the follow-up I have promised on Osaka. My business scheduled was busier than expected so I can share with you only one experience, much less than I had wished before my travel. Sorry for this.
I eventually decided not to go with plan A (AM) but to go for some adventure. So I went to Tobita.
Tobita is what remains of an old red light district. This part of Osaka is really decadent and far from what we are used to see in Japan. Streets are not clean, shops and restaurants are very low budget, people look poor and badly dressed, some homeless around too.
But Tobita is really a unique experience that deserves a visit.
Some info first: closest station is Dobutsuen-mae, take exit 2, when outside look for an elevated highway, walk in its direction for some 50 meters and you see on your right a covered shopping arcade. Walk trough the shopping arcade all the way down. Just a few meters before it ends, take its left exit and there you are. In front of you there is a narrow street (one of the 3 or 4 crossing in Tobita) with many small house with doors opening on the street and a lantern hanging over each door.
Inside these open doors you see a mama-san with the available girl.
I walked around Tobita streets and looked inside each open door. It seems there is a kind of organization over there: one streets with younger girls (20/25 year old), one with older (30/35 y.o.) and one with even older.
This is not a pedestrian area: it is really funny to see Japanese men driving their cars, stopping in front of each door, looking inside and start again. It is a kind of safari zoo.
While walking I received friendly doozo, doozo from about 40% of places. I went back to the street with younger girls ready for action. Here girls are really gorgeous. They look like the girls you see smiling at you from the manga covers. Do you believe me if I say that I was not able to make my choice?
I eventually headed for one of them and talked to mama-san in a mixture of basic Japanese (from me) and basic English (from her). I asked the girl to stand up but I didn’t like her legs (I wanted perfection!!!!) so went out and headed for second choice. And it was bingo.
Early 20s, she was a 10 in face and body. Very athletic, all the curves in the right places, perfect tits, wonderful legs perfectly shaped, soft skin.
Prices are takai: 15 min. is 11.000 yen, 20 min. 16.000, 30/21.000, 45/31.000, 60/41.000.
I took 30 min. course, paid mama-san, took my shoes off, went upstairs with the girl and entered a small room with tatami and futon.
I think it is useless a review on the girl. There are so many shops all the same and such a turnover that I would my self been unable to meet her again.
It is more useful some info on the action, that I guess is standard in these places: everything (hj, bj, and of course fs) is covered, it is no gfe experience (I wasn’t going to give, but asked for curiosity: no finger, no dfk, no daty). No shower before and after, only a wet towel to clean yourself. 5 minutes before your time is over, a bell rings and you dress and get ready to leave.
My plus for this experience are: place easy to find; top quality girls; unique and exciting atmosphere with the “merchandise” in the shop window.
My minus are: no gfe experience, high price, hygiene not top quality.
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I spend virtually no time in Osaka, and the experience you describe isn't of the sort that appeals to me anyway, but I did want to say that you did a really great job on the write-up: all the basic practical info (location, prices, services, system...) needed by a guy wanting to try it himself plus an engaging narrative that gives a feeling for the "mood" and quality of the experience. Well done! Thanks, a4j.

We should all try to do reach this standard in our reports.

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Thanks Wwanderer for your appreciation.
I share my few experiences with the hope to help this forum and you guys to take good opportunities and avoid bad ones. This is what I hope to give to you and what I take for sure from your posts.
I would like to share more but I don't live in Japan, I only visit a couple of times a year....
Hello a4j,

I read some of the posts here and there and I find Arisa from AM most tempting. I am planning on enjoying my trip to Tokyo next year. Aside from the girls, do you recommend a hotel from your recent trip?
hello nuruto,
last time I checked on AM site, Arisa was no more available...
I am sorry I can not give very good advice about hotels. I don't live in Japan, I only travel to Tokyo and / or Osaka 3 or 4 times a year. So my experience is limited to the hotels my company make reservation for me: Okura or Ana or Westin in Tokyo and Hilton in Osaka. They are good hotels and girls friendly.....sorry for so small help!
Enjoy your time in Japan next year and we hope to read about your experiences...
I was in Osaka 2 weeks ago for fun.
For the hotel, I was in Super Hotel Nanba Nihonbashi. It's business hotel, simple, clean, small room, cheap(with a good breakfast) , good location, very convenient.

For the nightlife, it's hardier than in Tokyo, when you don't use to and don't know the good place.
When you walk in the street (Dotombori, America Mura) you can see plenty of place like bar, hostess bar.., but it look like "Japanese only", even if it seems to be classless.
If you want to go out, try Sam and Dave club (there 3 in Osaka, I tried Same One).

I met Miki from AM. A nice girl very reactive and GFE, it was really great!
If you book in advance, there is no problem to have an AM girl.
I just created this account to corroborate everything aJ4 said, and add a few comments.

First, I found the comment of looking for an elevated highway a little confusing, because there was one in each direction. The highway you're looking for is the closer one, and the covered shopping arcade is very close to the exit from the metro. The sign over the shopping arcade looks like a globe with three large animals in front of it, a lion, giraffe and gorilla I think, but it's the only sign like that in the area. The area is sketchy, and it's only place in Japan where I felt at all uneasy or nervous on the streets, but nothing interesting happened to me.

Second, the covered shopping arcade is REALLY long, surprisingly long, and there is a small interruption where you go through an open courtyard, before it continues. Keep going past this.

Finally, in regards to the girls, I didn't go down the side streets, just the main street you walk onto. There were a few chubby, unattractive girls at first, then quickly it turned to mostly very attractive girls. I was very surprised and impressed with the overall attractiveness, and there were a several real stunners in the mix.

I'm white, and the first two girls I approached said no, but there were lots of girls and mama-sans that were calling out to me, so finding a quality girl wasn't an issue for me.

The girl I selected was amazing, very tight hard body, firm everywhere, great face and hair... I was astonished at how hot some of the girls were. My experience mirrored aj4's. The girl I was with seemed more into light GFE, but she didn't try to kiss me on the mouth and I didn't try to kiss her. She was very cuddly though, and kissed me all over which was nice. I don't speak Japanese at all, so I couldn't ask for anything, but she seemed to know what I really wanted anyway. She used way more lube than I would have liked, and made a bit of a mess with it, so I ended up using lots of wipes to clean up.

Hope this helps.
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I will be in Kyoto shortly and have reached put to sayuri. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that well be able to work our schedules out, but in the event I have to look elsewhere(I hope I don't have to) who else does anyone recommend?
Went down to Tobita awhile ago, it's is exactly as it was in 2011, down to the prices.
I also found this place in Namba, it's pretty easy to find from the map on the site. I didn't have time to check it out so no idea if they're gaijin friendly or not, but the girls are hot and the prices are surprisingly reasonable considering they seem to be offering a "soaplandish" experience. The little pictures of what you can expect seems to imply sumata only but the only way to know for sure is to try. At least one girl does AF.

Only 7000 for 30 minutes if you make it before 10am!
I know this is an older thread, sorry to bring it back up, but I recently took a trip to Osaka and thought I'd mention it.

There is a huge thread on P4P options I think at International Sex Guide.

I found it very helpful. To sum:

* Club Amour is a fashion health with no FS, maybe sumata. It's in Dotonbouri, and is across the street from the APA Hotel. I did not try it myself.
* Club Queen is a pinsaro near Tennoji station. It is pretty expensive compared to Tokyo, but according to that thread, it is comparable in service, plus they serve beer instead of tea. I did not try it myself.
* There were maybe a couple places near to Osaka / Umeda Station(s), but I was not able to figure out where, exactly. I did go scouting around to try and find a couple of spots, but failed to connect.
* Tobita and the lanterned doors. This I did try.

The area is, as mentioned, very run down and a little creepy, especially at night. I went walking through there in the evening and got a little bit lost, and it was the first time I ever felt a little worried in Japan. The directions above are excellent - but unfortunately for me, I hadn't seen them before I went down there, so I missed the area, did not go far enough, and turned the wrong way away from the elevated highway. I ended up in a warren of streets with small bars and was very clearly in the wrong place from the looks people gave me.

I went back a few days later and found it, however. While it is run-down, I think the experience is pretty amazing. It is like a glimpse into something from the past which I found really appealing. You walk down these various streets, and the doors are open and you'll see a woman seated, usually nicely dressed, and another woman who will call to you (or ignore you). The "wares" on display are really remarkable - everything from really quite unattractive women to fantasy women. Even just walking through, looking at the beautiful women, saying "konbanwa", nodding to people and being smiled at ... it was really singular. A really unique experience.

I am not terribly attractive, and I'm not interested in the fantasy women so much - I like someone more real, more mom next-door, more my own age. I found a woman who fit the bill exactly, and when I nodded and said hello in Japanese, I was waved over by the mama-san and by the woman herself. In the shop entry, I was enthusiastically welcomed by the mama-san and we had our chat to talk about the price. 10,000 for ... I don't know how long, I think between 20 and 30 minutes. I left my shoes downstairs, and my new friend escorted me upstairs to a tatami room. I left the slippers outside. She undressed me and folded my clothes neatly, and undressed herself. When she smiled, I could see her teeth were ... not perfect - but she had a beautiful smile nonetheless, and she had a body which, like mine, has perhaps seen better days. I thought she was lovely.

The room smelt a bit of kerosene from a heater. She was extremely attentive, though I admit I had some trouble "warming up". CBJ ... I enjoyed her breasts and body, she seemed to respond to touch ... then she climbed aboard. I don't know if it was an act, but her look and murmuring "moto ... moto ... moto" seemed like she enjoyed what we were doing as I did.

She was not a beauty queen, but I thought she was lovely and affectionate and kind during our time together.

We talked some - she said she was half Japanese half Taiwanese. She told me some about Taiwan and about Osaka. We laughed some. She was, as a said, affectionate and kind. She heard a bell and hurried me to get dressed so I wouldn't have to pay any more than I already had. We went down the stairs and I went out into the evening drizzle feeling satisfied and like I'd had an experience from 100 years before.

I would recommend it unhesitatingly. If I ever go back, I will definitely try to seek her out. I loved the entire experience. Unique, at least to me, and a great experience.
When she smiled, I could see her teeth were ... not perfect -

In Japan not-aligned teeth makes people cute, so its very common that most people wont "fix". And you can also tell if a person is a drinker or not by her teeth as well. Alcohol destroys the mouth and specially the gum, Japanese woman drink a lot, so forget about smiles.
just to dump some info from my trip to osaka, as the other osaka thread is closed ( for me atleast)
1. The Izumi massage with HE have changed their name to Blue Moon... the izumi webpage is still up, but i cant find any sites for blue moon... still, i went inside and asked the girl and she confirmed they just did a name change.
2. Club Amour was nice, but expensive... and be careful to get what you pay for.. i got kinda rushed out the door and suddenly realized i forgot to get my picture :/

If people look for simply massage with HE i noticed around nipponbashi... or den den town.. all the massage shops on north end of that road was dirt cheap.. and all of the ones i entered had HE for 2-3k extra. well.. early in the day you have to look out for the cheap prices for the massages.. on the signs.. later in the evening, the girls start standing outside so its even easier to tell. do note all the girls i met was either thai or chinese.. so they just about only speak japanese and their own language.. you wont get far with english.

Funny story here is.. i entered alot of these shops looking for a good massage for my bad back and "walked all over japan the last 2 weeks" feets... but some of the places jumped to the HE so fast i really didn't get a good massage at all... in the end i had to specify i wasn't interested in a HE... and they push hard for the HE... so it was kinda hard to insist on no all the time...

And its already been said but.. if ppl look for the full course.. Tobita really is awesome. and the girls there looked really good.. only sad i decided to go there on my last day in japan instead of coming there 1st day i was in town.
@Animefreak - Thanks for the helpful info. Headed to Osaka in couple of days.
I have tried Izumi before after getting info from the previous Osaka thread, as well as the Japan Erotic Massage. This time I hope try out Club Amour.
Like you, I too am looking for a decent massage. :)
Tobita sounds amazing... I would LOVE to check that out!

A few years ago a friend and I went down to Osaka to work an event and, as both of us are ridiculously last minute, we asked his girlfriend to book us a place to stay on the day we left. The only instructions we gave her were "cheapness over everything else". We ended up in a hostel kind of place right near Doubutsuenmae and I can vouch for everything written here - I have never seen anywhere that run down in all my years in Japan. Had no idea there was a district like that right down the street - the most interesting thing I saw for sale was a vending machine selling drinks for 20 yen (!!!!).

I'll be in Osaka in a few days but unfortunately won't have time to swing by - drive in at around 10 AM, work for 12 hours, hit the sento and then back on the road to Tokyo.
Hello im a new member and ive read several of your threads and posts etc and i gotta thank all of you for the abundant information. I just had my first ever p4p experience in Tobita Shinchi after chickening out in tokyo and being reluctantly denied entrance in Gifu. Went in about 5:30-6:00, walked around a couple blocks and then randomly went into one with a pretty looking girl, Miho, she said was her name, but i didnt ask age, she looked maybe 30ish tops, i paid 16k for 20 mins and had a great experience. Bbj that turned to 69, 3 different positions with rubber and then a bhj to finish which was fine by me because the timer started ringing and better that than not finish at all. Btw, Im a white hispanic with some gut to spare unfortunately, but not ugly if i say so myself, and i speak some japanese, at least enough to handle the whole conversation which kind of relieved her because she said she knew a little english but it really didnt seem that way. Anyway, i want to thank you all again for basically making this happen for me cause i really had no idea this existed before i came across TAG.

Edit: I forgot to say this because i dont remember if it was said in a previous post and it was a big concern for me. The place looks a little run down i guess but at least I didnt see any fishy characters around that you might think its a yakuza or whatever, it was actually easy to walk by.
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