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Aug 23, 2009
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To our visitors and members:

The manager of the agency below now has a registered account here at TAG.

Their primary site is here: and they will be making their own thread here soon.

Per the managers request, he indicated the following in his message:

ParlorClub Manager said:
We have Rejuvenation massage paler by delivery. 8 places are in Japan: Osaka, Umeda, Kobe, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Kawasaki and Sendai. Ohmiya and Kashiwa would be opend as soon. Our service would be offered by Japanese Lady only.

Their user name here is: ParlorClub

They have been advised of the advertising rules here and have been granted the registered account in agreement with these rules.

Thank You.
Good news!The more pages we have,more choices to try.

I checked web now,but couldn't understand a thing,all in japanese :(
But some questions would be,gaijin allowed?FS offered?

Thanks Chris,and welcome to ParlorClub :)
From the communication with the Manager, they will have English pages to post.

When they are ready, sometime this month, they'll post everything.

They've given me links, but I don't think they are ready for service just yet.

The manager will post when everything is ready.

Thank you for interesting us, Coyoteloco-san.
Now we could accept Foreigner. We have 9 places in Japan.
Osaka-Niiponbashi English |
Kyoto English |
Fukuoka English |
Nagoya English |
Sendai English |
Yokohama English |
Kawasaki English |

Many of staff is not good at English now.
So, if you could speak a little Japanese, we could accept now.
If you could not speak Japanese, I could help you to make booking.
Please contact us via TAG.

We would post our information a few days.
And we are making new website for English.
We will accept Reservation by English within March.

Thank you for additional information about us.

Thank you!!

Hello Taka - thanks for a great service and for letting foreigners use it.

I wonder if its possible to meet a Yokohama girl in a love hotel in Shibuya?

Thank you for your inquiry.
We have Kawasaki office. It is most nearby Shibuya.
Now I ask it to Kawasaki Master.
Please wait for a moment.
We would advice you later.


Thank you for waiting our reply.
We are sorry. Now we are hard to send to SHIBYA.
We could send to SHINAGAWA with Transfer Fee JPY4,000, when you want to over 90mins session.
Kawasaki office was opened last month. So we would sent to SHIBYA near future.
If you have any question, please ask us.
Thank you.

Osaka Sexual Massage Parlor Club
I've updated the actual user name for this club to "ParlorClub" at the Managers choice.

Thank You.

Thank you for your inquiry.
I ask Kawasaki Maneger as soon.
Please wait for a moment.

Osaka Sexual Massage Club

We are sorry.
We could not speak Kawasaki Master now.
Because Phone is not working by Earthquake.
We would advice you when we could speak them.

Osaka Sexual Massage Club

Thank you for waiting our reply.
Our Kawasaki Shop would be opened from today.
Our answer is here.

1.We could not sent a girl to First time Customer's house. It is for safety our girls. So, we would ask you to use us at Love Hotel near Shinagawa First. Next time you could ask us to sent your place.

2.It is depend on your address that we could sent a girl to your place.

If you have any question, please ask us as soon.
Best Regards

Osaka Sexual Massage Parlor Club
Google does a reasonable job translating your pages though I could not see the prices. Do you do service to Tokyo - I always stay in Kudanshita? Service in Oska is good though.

Thank you for your inquiry.

1.Our price is as follows,
Admition Fee JPY1,000 / New Customer only
Nomination Fee JPY1,000 / If you nominate girl.
Session Fee as follows,
Delivery Rendezvous
60min JPY16,000 JPY14,000
75min JPY20,000 JPY18,000
90min JPY24,000 JPY22,000
120min JPY30,000 JPY28,000
150min JPY38,000 JPY36,000
180min JPY46,000 JPY44,000

2.Delivery to Kudanshita.
We are sorry not to sent a girl to Kudanshita.
We could sent around Shinagawa with Delivery Fee JPY4,000.

Now we consider to service at Tokyo.
We would advice here when we do.

If you have any question, please ask us.

Best Regards

Osaka Sexual Massage Parlor Club
Mr. Simonkfkwok

Thank you for your inquiry.
We are sorry Shinjyuku is far from us.
We are hard to sent girl to Shinjyuku.

I hope the service will be available in Shinjuku in the future, ganbatte! :D

Thank you for your comment.
We know your request in Shinjuku.

We are in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sendai, Yokohama and Kawasaki now. Hiroshima will be opened at 17th Jun.

If you have a trip to above city, please try us.