Personal Responsibility Dies a Little More

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Aug 23, 2009
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Weeks after a Silicon Valley county in California became the first in the nation to ban toys from McDonald's Happy Meals and other food promotions aimed at children, a public health watchdog group called on the fast food giant to remove the playthings from all its meal packages.

Citing toys aimed at promoting the latest "Shrek" movie, the Center for Science in the Public Interest said that the plastic promotions lure children into McDonald's restaurants where they are then likely to order food that is too high in calories, fat and salt.

The organization on Tuesday served the fast food giant with a letter expressing its intent to sue if toys are not removed. The letter is legally required in several states before lawsuits can be brought under consumer protection statutes.


This watchdog group is implying parents need help keeping their kids away from McDonalds. Are parents incapable of saying "no honey, we're going to eat in tonight" or "no we're going to ... instead" or "no you can't have a Big Mac and fries, but you can have the grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit salad." When do lawyers become more important to our society than parental responsibility? It's just all backwards.

The sooner your child learns to accept "no" for an answer without whining about it, the better off they are going to be in life.

Society gets a little dumber each day.

I can't imagine growing up in today's world. So many of the things I used to do as a kid would be viewed now as illegal or even a terrorist! It's just stupid how society gets improved technology but the mind suffers the curse of stupidity.

Yeah, I grew up in a rural farm town and we did some crazy shit back when I was a teenager. The 70's and 80's were a great time to grow up, IMHO.
"I went broke because gas costs too much!"

"Oh, hey, I'll sue my company because they are too far away and it costs me a lot of money to buy gas."

Can we see a trend here?
It's becoming a culture of let's blame everyone else except ourselves. I guess everyone needs to have their hands held these days.

When I was finishing up school, things were just starting to get crazy. I think my high school generation was the last to be 'care free' and not suffering the same problems as today's high school kids.

It was as different then, where I could kiss my bf in the hallway without (he or I) being arrested and hauled off to court for sexual assault, lol.

I still think the average person knows what the limits are, but I think some are losing site on personal management. Years ago, it was just the drug addicts and alcoholics. Now, it's increased ten fold with previous vices included with things now like internet addiction and all the associated vices that come to you with a click of a mouse.