Pink Salons In Tokyo?

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    are there any good pink Salons in shinjuku or tokyo in General?
    do they accept foreigners and what to expect there? is it possible to touch the Girls during their Service?

    thanks for your recommendations
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    As far as I know the only pink salon in Shinjuku that accepts foreigners is Happy Hinomaru. There are various reviews in this forum that'll go through what to expect there, so I won't elaborate too much. Basically the girls are older and not very good looking. However, pink salons are REALLY dark (especially Hinomaru) so looks aren't really that important (for me anyway). At Happy Hinomaru you can pretty much do anything except have sex with the girl. Obviously each girl is a little different, so just go with the flow. Don't be the foreigner that ruins it for the rest of us. They have a website, but be advised that the pictures look nothing like the girl you'll get.

    I've personally had way better experiences at Jan Jan in Sugamo. It's the same thing, but cheaper and you don't get to pick the girl. However, I think the girls there are more skilled. You also get WAY more privacy than at Happy Hinomaru. I've been there several times and only once had a bad experience. It's a roll of the dice and they don't have a website, but I would totally recommend it over Happy Hinomaru. It's easier to find and you won't get harassed by twenty dudes while walking to it.

    To my knowledge, those are the only two pink salons in Tokyo that accept foreigners.
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