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Pink Salons: The Good and The Bad of The PS Game.


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Oct 26, 2012
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PS = Pink Salon

First, let's look at my stats:
1. PS Entered: 3
2. PS Tried: 40~
3. BJ: 6
4. Places Entered:
    - Dio/Emotion (Gotanda)
    - Broadway (Otsuka)
    - Top Ready (Sugamo)

(Note: I have difficulty cumming, so I piss girls off some. A 30 minute course can be long when you have to suck through it all. I often use Tenga too to reduce my sex desire some, so that doesn't help.)

Top Ready? It was hell on earth. The girl was a robot and I felt hated. She was literally pissed to see me, sucked my cock like a robot (about as good as a 500 yen Tenga Flesh Light for reference), she also almost made me feel like she was saying 'fuck off' when I left. She literally did not talk to me at all. This woman was hateful. The place is also a dump inside (clean towel on seat, but paint peeling of the walls, dirty mirrors, load techno and so on.) I will never go again and I recommend you don't. 3000 yen for 30 minutes (I think I got 20) is ok, but I came in my first station toilet bowl after (quite tidily thanks) and had to have porn playing to get to that (silently on my phone). I felt bad afterwards - as you can tell. 

Dio/Emotion? Excellent. I went two times. Same girls, I think. I would have dated the second one. She's hot. The first's voice is a little high, but she is a sweetie. She loves the customer - seriously. I had a good BJ session first time, but I pissed off the second girl a bit by being a little bit socially inept about things. Both blow jobs were amazing. The second time at the store, I got my high voiced starter. She always tries really hard. I like that because I usually can't cum on the first one. I believe that she will make me cum one day soon. She's a sharp learner. The second girl on the second visit was a total Tsundere. We had the most amazing session of my life and she had to give up before time. I actually managed to finger both to orgasm, but her, she was outstanding. 2 orgasms on my fingers and she was out of it. She sucked me so hard that she ripped the condom off. (STD check came up ok.) It was one of the most brutal, sexy, violent blow jobs of my life. I doubt I will ever repeat that level of craziness (We were basically so into it that a customer stopped with the Tencho for a moment to watch us and neither of us cared.) Price is 7000 for 2 girls, 20 minutes each. I haven't been able to cum there yet, so they gave me a 5 minute break instead of the usual 20 minute one between.
Broadway? This club is not 'really' gaijin friendly. I just lucked out and met a new security guy. The guy upstairs was like 'Fuck it.' I got a girl named Ari. Christmas dress, cute as heck and so on. She had huge tits and was a little fat (I think that's the clubs thing - young and fat). However, she could blow a cock. She didn't lean over me, so no finger action. I enjoyed it though. She was really excited and I got really into it. Today I met the owner and he said no chance foreigner. I was shattered. I'll try again a few times and see if I can get that same guy again, but I doubt that it's possible to get in without decent Japanese (my Japanese is about N5 speaking, so dismal). This was a special surprise. Booths with curtains. Nice young girls. I lucked out. 3000 yen course for 20 minutes with 1 girl. She seemed set on 1 shot only, so I'm guessing no double shots.

The Scene:
What is this Pink Salon scene like? I've been around most places in the major areas. I have a list of about 40-50 places and I've done all of Otsuka, Kichijoji, Nishi-Ogikubo, Ogikubo, Ikebukuro, and some of Sugamo and Koenji. I still have a place to do in Ikebukuro to finish up and a few in Koenji, but, honestly, I've been to a truck load of places.

Here's the deal. The places that are family owned (old Tencho - no guard - looks old) will service us most times. Places like Ichigo Club in Otsuka usually take older girls (over 30) who have done their laps of the young clubs. Those clubs are ok - sometimes. You'll often find that the Tenchos have no idea of the scene, except for their connected clubs, so they don't actually know. I usually know more than the Tenchos on the ground. So, expect that you might get into places that look run down or where there are older women available. (If you want a prime example, try Peach Pit in Nishi-Ogikubo, the HUGE pile of dirty rubbish, ripped stairs and so on are a great example.)

Hold up though. There's a problem with this. Ichigo Club is the only one I know of that actually has a decent look and website and accepts foreigners. Most are dumps with no websites, but that you can find through the Fuzoka websites (For example,ピンサロ/巣鴨 which is all of the PS in Sugamo for you with ratings and websites.) What you get at these places can be good to horrible. Top Ready is an example. That was very bad.

The holy grail of pink. Well, that's easy. The young clubs where they offer either school girl or youth cosplay. They'll be very tidy and fresh in appearance. The stairs will be nice and they'll have a bell on the stairs. The Tencho will often be waiting to turn you away. The photos are nice though. If you want an amazing example (seriously, go up and look, it's gorgeous) is in Koenji. That is a premium salon. I wouldn't hesitate to say the best I have got to the door in. Point is that these places are the ones where the older and younger Japanese guys go to play. The girls are almost always quite cute (passable girlfriend level) and 20 something. It is a rare case that a foreigner can get inside and when you do then you have bragging rights. Few enter, few get blown, but those that do are legends.

In the end, if you are serious about PS play then aim for the top shops and just go often. The Tenchos rotate days and you'll sometimes find one that is like 'what do I do about this guy?' or 'Just today because your Japanese is good'. The game requires persistence. You can easily rotate a list of salons in an evening and go to somewhere like Dio or Ichigo if you can't score. Just add in 30 minutes of walk, bow, 'no service' and bye. Some of these guys will probably relent if you ask often enough (especially if you chat to them for a bit - for those Japanese speakers).
So, let's end this. Sugamo is mostly older women, plus 30 and worn. Buyer beware. Note that there are quite a few younger girls living in the area, so you might find better results at places like ジャンジャン, which I can't find, in the evening. You pay extra, but it's usually worth it. Otsuka is younger girls mixed in with a lot of older girl places. It is cheaper than Sugamo (3000 up) at 2000 yen with many of the smaller, older clubs offering more than one time (but only 10 minute rounds). Kichijoji is ultra young and cute, Nishi-Ogikubo only has one and that's Peach Pit (mostly older girls by the pictures, which are VERY faded), Ogikubo has young girls, but only one super club (Nack 5). There are three VERY good clubs in the area and a few massage places. Ikebukuro is a young area, but a lot of cosplay going on. There are also more street whores. I have yet to do Shinjuku and the red area there, but they are young orientated with lots of options from the menus. I haven't been to Han??? yet because I want that illicit 3000 yen course that is so sweet and cheap. 3000 for 20 with a love-love young and cute girl is my heaven. Koenji has a mix from memory. I've only been to Sakura Drops, but there are two more in the area. Nakano has some, I don't know much more. There are also others up and down the Chou line and up towards Saitama. You'll also find a few in lower Tokyo, but the concentration seems to be just to the west of Shinjuku and above. I'm on the opposite side, so it's an easy race across the center for me. I feel if you live outside Tokyo near the more family orientated PS then you'll find them more accepting.

Final note: Timing is important. The younger girls usually come on in the evening, but you pay for it. I feel that you'll get a more girlfriend experience in the day because the girls haven't sucked as many stalks yet. Most day to night clubs have two shifts. The second starts around 5pm and goes on to last, which is about 11:30 to 12:00 by law. Sometimes you'll get overlap. I also get the feeling that there are only certain girls that work the foreign population. I have never been able to get the skinny girl that works in Dio during the day, for example. I wonder if that's intentional. My point is that if you are willing to fork out about 2000 more (6000-8000 yen) then you will often get a younger girl (just because more university students tend to work the evening shift). Of course, that said, if it's a young club then you get young. If it's an older club then you might get a younger one in the evening for a higher price.

My aim for the future before I stop playing with these places and start playing with the local population (I have a situation) is to complete all of Gotanda (meaning no's or yes's), do the rest of Koenji and try the three clubs in Shinjuku-ku. That will happen by the end of 2013 (my goal). I'll let you know how that goes!

Hint for newbies: The course is often on the sign. Look for the time though. Hostess clubs look similar and usually are similar prices, but the time is 60 minutes, not 20-30. If you see 3000 yen for 60 minutes then it's not a Pink Salon (there's only about 90 or so in the whole of Tokyo and outlying areas - that includes Saitama - which is why we don't hear of people getting into them more often.) Also, Otsuka has a lot of 'No Foreigners Signs'. I recommend ignoring them and asking anyway. A rejection is only that. It also gets your face on the doorman's mind, so he might come to trust you - maybe.
Oh yeah, I also walk up into these places in front of kids (a lot of the Sugomo clubs are near a highschool), old ladies and girls my own age. As a whole, they comment when I come back down a moment later and walk right up into the next place (as with today where I slipped out with two hotties watching and then walked down, winked at them and walked up to the next place). They thought that was funny.

Oh yeah, rub and tug is pretty much A.O.K in Otsuka. There's one next to Ichigo Club named Rug and Tug (I think) or maybe Rub, Rub. There's another one down the road across from Starbucks that follows the train tracks (there's a Pichinko place and Pretty Girl's PS on the road. It's right next to a white fronted PS, which said no foreigners, up some stairs. There's a big board over the stairs and the old guy will try to convince you to have a massage and blow job (hand job and blow job) for the cheapest price on the planet - 10,000 yen. Nice guy though. I told him I wanted to find a real PS after some haggling. He introduced me to the tout next door, who was like 'ummm... no.'

That's the Fuzoku lifestyle for us foreigners. Rub and tug, but no plug.
Well done, you've got bigger balls, or maybe bluer) than me to try all that!

(I've been to exactly one PS in over 10 years and didn't like it ... )ピンサロ/大塚

is Ootsuka. Just change the final Kanji of the link to whatever area you like. That site is pretty good for lists and reviews. There is another one, but I don't have the link that has more though. I think it is pretty good for anyone living specifically in Tokyo though.

is comprehensive.

is a basic list that I have used with prices, times and links to webpages and so on. I have used it and it contains all the top salons that most people would want to visit.
Well done, you've got bigger balls, or maybe bluer) than me to try all that!

(I've been to exactly one PS in over 10 years and didn't like it ... )

Maybe time to renew that addiction? (wink)
There's of course Hinomaru in Kabukicho (East side of Shinjuku Station). One girl, time is variable- paid up front.

Some of the girls are quite attractive, some are not so much.
i'd love to try these places out, i'm chinese from hong kong, will they consider me as a foreigner, and getting into these place, will it pose any problems.
Any recommendation for a place in ueno with young girls, and are there anything to look out for and not get rip off or conned.

Please post in the Questions and Answers section instead of bumping old threads. Thanks.