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post covid pickup spots


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Dec 16, 2019
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I noticed after covid so many places are empty and dating apps are more popular. Are there any bars, clubs or pubs where we can still pickup japanese girls?
Hub. Always and forever.
Hub is super overrated imo. It’s always big groups of friends or girls already with a dude..
Again, Public Stand. If one is unable to strike up a convo there, alas all is hopeless and need to stick with binging on hentai porn.

Makuhari Hub.. my gawd…. 😵‍💫
Funny thing is that hub, when Iived in nagoya about 6 years ago, was rediculous. It was shooting fish in a barrel. When I moved to Tokyo it was very surprising to see the difference. Nagoya Hub had lots of young college girls and OLs hunting foreigners, I went to Tokyo hub once and walked out after 1 drink.
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