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Potential Shibuya Option


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Oct 26, 2012
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I don't usually share unconfirmed stores, but I was walking in Shibuya trying to get pulled in by a tout to a pink salon because I figure I might get to try one of those blond haired heavily made up girls, and, aside from getting propositioned 3 times by street girls (I didn't realize Shibuya was that kinky), I got stopped up by a Thai girl promoting her store right outside the door.

Basic interaction was...

Do you have a moment?
Do you want handjob, blow job and fuck?
Um... how much?
14,000 yen.
Um... I'm cool.

The only realize I mention this place is because 14k isn't to bad for FS and it's in Shibuya, so a few people might find it convenient. I wanted a BJ, but I didn't want FS. I should have asked, but I didn't think to. Anyhow, staff spoke solid English (there was more than the meat and potatoes above) and was sort of cute for a Thai girl.

The store is a small massage place - typical green sign outside - straight up the same road as Uniqlo on the same side as KFC, Matsuda, and a few Karaoke places. If you get to the point with the overpass, you've gone too far. If you go in the evening then there will be someone outside.

The name of the street is Dogenzaka and the Shibuyadogenzaka post office is on the same street, but oppisite side of the road (you want to be on the KFC side).

Probably should have gone in and got fucked, but wanted that lip action... and ended up drunk on the train instead... ;9
May as well add that there's a pink salon in Ogikubo station near the station call Hanmatsu (something). The sign up top has Rays on it, but the store name is different (It's just down the road from Lavender, which is probably the same by the looks of it. If you go down stairs and walk to drug store across from the golf place (?) then it's just down the small side street. You'll see four girls on the sign in formal dresses. I asked the tout if Gaijin where ok when I was hanging out with some friends and he said that yes they were. I didn't check the service, but I remember the sign was 4000 or 6000 yen (I can't remember which).

Google Address:
35.705204, 139.618544
Hey New Guy, what's up? I was thinking about checking out the Thai Shibuya BJ place this weekend and was looking at Google Maps for the sign. How far past the KFC is this place walking in minutes/meters? You wouldn't happen to have a Google location?
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Today, braving the rain, I cruised around Shibuya around noon time. I went up the Dogenzaka looking for the place New Guy mentioned, past the Uni Glo, towards the KFC. I looked for the tell-tale Green massage parlour sign and found three right before you get to the KFC, so I was wondering which one you were referring to. I quickly realized that the ho's wouldn't be out in the street at noon, probably still asleep from a Hard Day's Night!
Are the green signs indicative of massage or massage+?

i was in Tokyo in October and return this month for a visit. I spent lots of time on the last trip being confused and i am hoping for a better plan this time around. thx in advance.
A little info about Shibuya. There are a lot of massage places around the edges of the central city. What you are looking for on the sign is pictures of women massaging men (not women massaging women). If you catch a Thai or Chinese style dress on the girl in the picture then it's very likely to be a massage parlor that will 'probably' supply a hand job, a blow job and sex (perhaps anal only). You should always ask inside before proceeding. I highly recommend acting the fool and making the hand movements for sex, blow job and hand job and saying いくら? (ikura - how much?) They'll think you are a traveller intstead of a cop (not that they actually believe there are white cops in vice over here).

As to Roboto's query. I can't give you a dead on pin because it's in the zone that Google misses. There's a section of the street they didn't film.

Opening times for massage parlours vary. Usually you'll want to go in the day if you know the area, the game and can speak some Japanese. The price are often lower. If you are a tourist, don't bother to go before 8pm. There are a number of after 5pm shops and it's a heck of a lot easier to figure out if its a 'actual' massage parlour and not a massage center providing massage only. I would also recommend checking for prices. Often they have prices that are around 3000 yen an hour on true massage centers. Over 3000 and you are looking at something else, but don't be fooled. Sometimes they are aroma massage places, which do not supply sex, or much else but oil rubbed on your skin.

To put it simply, you want to find a green sign with a woman outside in a long black winter coat (during winter). She'll look like a house wife (usually not so sexy) and she'll be standing next to the sign. Standing next to the sign is important (she'll just say 'massage, massage' to the men in the street - a good sign. It'll sound like Massaji to English speakers). If they are just in the street and approach you saying 'massage' then they are street hookers and they will usually take you back to a dumpy place to fuck and whatever.

Overall, just be nice to these people if they come up to you on the street. I wouldn't recommend trying them. There's this little shack down under the tracks under Koenji Station where the whores do their business. It's not so stylish to say the least.
I went to the New Guy place. Good directions. Good massage but no more. Then a lady comes in to ask whether I wanted more time. In other place the "more time" question means more activities. I had no time for more time so i dont know what rhe phrase meant this time. I am going back to the Shibuya place in two days to see what more time means.
If you want to find this place, hang around in front of Uniqlo after 8 or 9 pm. You will be immediately approached by a Thai/Chinese/Taiwanese girl. It's easy. Once she leads you to the place you are handed a photo album with the girls to pick from. There was a line of guys for the popular girls and this gave me the creeps. I said adios but before I could go I was lead to a less busier place and chose another girl. Started with a lame back rub and then she asked if I wanted more. I found this interesting but even this place did not allow bbbj.
The place mentioned in the second post in Ogikubo unfortunately doesnt exist anymore. there is some airplane themed bar now (I guess by look from the outside), however members only. The lavender shop still exists but is a massage parlor (I assume with happy end option, but didn't try). Pretty sure there is nothing in the area anymore, at least on the north side. Only a few girl's bars/clubs.
The girl was willing to negotiate the price with what I can do during the BJ using very limited english. She basically asked how much I had and invited me to join her at a hotel for FS. Reddish brown hair ,pretty face. She had a bit of a flabby belly and did not expose her lower half probably to stop curious fingers As I remember it was 30000 yen for one hour. I declined.