Potential Western Escort Girl looking for Advice

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Sadie Blake

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May 6, 2012
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Hi, I'm a 21 year old Australian girl. I am thinking of going to Japan to work as an escort girl.

I have never left the country before or worked in this industry but a friend of mine has recently move to Tokyo and I've been told there is a demand for Western girls over there. So I'm curious to find out a little more information. I have no idea how to set this up and am also curious about the style of women Japanese men like and what sort of money I could expect to earn.

I would be more interested working in a club or being a "Girl Friend Experience" escort rather than taking things all the way.

What is expected of an escort girl?

What sort of skills would I need? If any? I am an artist and a social butterfly. I love dancing in clubs when I go out with friends but should I take dance classes for something more sensual? Burlesque, belly dancing, strip tease and lap dancing for example? I have never done any of that before.

I really want to be professional and excel at this. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Should I send my friend professional photo's so he can search around for me before I go over or just try my luck once I'm there?

My other issue is appearance. I have a nice slim curvaceous figure, with perky A cup breasts. Mid length red curly hair. Blue eyes and glasses. My face is pretty enough. I don't often wear make up and I have a wonderful smile. I stand roughly 160cm tall.

I have naturally pale skin with a slight tan on my back and limbs (I do live in Australia after all!) which I hope will not be a problem as I've heard the Japanese prefer pale skin.

I also have some faded scars across my upper thighs and wrists which I hope won't be a deterrent. And a tattoo on the inside of my forearm. I'd love to have more tattoo's and piercings and go for more of an alternative Harajuku Punk/Gothic Lolita look but it isn't necessary. So what do Japanese men typically look for? Would I be better off to go for a sexy, classy, clean cut type style of appearance?

Will it be an issue that I don't know any Japanese?
Sadie, I've sent you a private message with some details.

Please contact me via the private message system if you have any questions.
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