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Mar 16, 2010
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Hello to all, my name is Pat and I live roughtly about a 4hrs drive from New York City in Boston, Mass. Travelling is my drug, so therefore I am a travel junky. No need to send me to rehab :) I do it all for fun. A litle more about me :
1-Favorite soccer team : FCBarcelona
2-Favorite cities in Europe : Paris and Barcelona
3-Favorite drink: Mai Thai :)

BTW, I'm not a Red Sox fan, GO YANKEES !!!!
Hi Pat, welcome to our forum. :)

I do love Boston! and Paris for that matter! Look forward to your traveling stories!
Welcome Pat.

Speaking of Baseball, I haven't seen an American baseball game in a long time now. I catch highlights from time to time on the news here in Japan. Otherwise, I sometimes go to the Japanese baseball games.

Do you come to Tokyo Pat?
Actually I started coming to Tokyo within the past 3 years. My first 2 times were long weekend deal, arrive friday depart monday.
To see a baseball game in Tokyo is on my to do list. From my view point, its like going to a Yankees/Red Sox series at Fenway Park.
Oh Wow... you need to spend more time here to get to see everything! I have been here for almost four years and I still don't feel like I've seen everything. :) My bf has dragged me along to baseball games at the Tokyo Dome stadium, Japanese are are just like Americans when it comes to their baseball... very enthusiastic!

Also, being in Japan makes it easier to travel to some of these other far flung destinations in southeast Asia. I love going to Vietnam, Hong Kong and Korea on our long weekends.
Haha, I love it. I've got a few friends in Boston like you. I think they get a lot of crap for being a Yankees fan in Boston. I'm more of a football fan, but I do keep up with baseball during the season. I'm also usually traveling during the spring/summer seasons, so I usually only get highlights of each game.

I'm in NYC, just getting home tonight from a late night of working.

Well, welcome to our little world.... :p
Pat, welcome to the forum. Sorry I missed this thread earlier, my apologies for the late post.