Premium escort services?


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May 9, 2013
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Dear friends,

I'm going to Tokyo for the first time and would love your inputs on my query:
1. Can u suggest premium escort services which are well known in market?
2. I'm staying in marunouchi hotel. Are there any well known soap lands nearby which also accept non-Japanese clients? Of course, I'm looking for those with full service.

Look forward to hear from experienced friends

Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Premium escort services and soapland / erotic masaage parlours query

What kinda budget are you on?
posting the same message twice isn't going to make you any friends
Dear senior member psd,

thanks for the reply. as i saw 2 forums, one for escort services and one for massage, i thought of posting in both as my query was related to both..

being my first post, i wasnt sure what to do.. :)
How about posting it in the 'Questions' section, since you are asking questions instead of posting a review?

It looks like the Mods have consolidated your post and moved it to the right area for you.