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Dec 28, 2022
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Pretty European Blonde Alice

Please take a look at my website here:

Notice: I will be charging a +5000 surcharge for coming to your hotel.
Base prices are for meeting at love hotels.
I don’t visit private residences except for short term services apartments.
In principle I don’t visit places outside of Tokyo and in Asakusa or Kinshicho, especially for first time clients.
Thank you for your understanding. 😊

There are additional pictures on my website.
Bookings through form preferred but will answer request in email or on TAG as well. Adding some personal information and appointment details would be helpful to know what to expect. Please note that request can not always be honored. I will discuss it with you in advance.

Ever felt like you want to get lost in a dream world, in a wonderland maybe? What better magical way to explore the worlds greatest city than with a charming beauty by your side? I love spending time lounging in nice hotel rooms, comfortable between the sheets. I also love being out in the town, having a nice meal and a good conversation. Especially in the cold winter months, what’s better than feeling each other’s body warmth, physical and mental stimulation and lots of cuddles.

To tell you something about me, I’m in my late 20s and a classic north European beauty with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a slim hour glass figure and have been hitting the gym for about a half year. I usually dress in a timeless classy way and tend to keep any makeup and hair styling light and natural, but of course these things change on a day to day basis. I will try to keep any preferences in mind when preparing for a date although I may not be able to cater to everything.

I might be shy of nature at first but you will find that I love a bit of intellectual conversation with an intelligent and sensitive partner. I am interested in many topics and always willing to learn.

My rates are
One hour: 40.000 yen
One and a half hour: 50.000 yen
Two hours: 70.000 yen
Dinner plus private time date: 100.000
Overnight date: 150.000 yen
Overnight with social time (for example: dinner, bar time, breakfast): 180.000 yen
I expect to have a decent sleep during the night.
Willing to see men and women, no extra fees for couples.
I’m willing to discuss other time arrangements if you explain your situation, I prefer to keep really long dates for regulars though so I’m sure we will get along. Of course you are always free to inquire about anything but please be serious and sincere and know that I can refuse.

I also have a bit limited availability the coming months, but I sincerely hope to have some wonderful encounters. I’m fluent in Japanese and I’m here long term though so don’t worry about booking at a later point and I can navigate most of the things like LH check in for us.

I can be reached here on TAG or at
I don’t have a contact form at the moment but would still appreciate some personal information and an idea of when and where you would like to meet.

Much love and I hope to see you.


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