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Private Message - Question


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Jan 10, 2010
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Hey in-charge people!

For private messages, does everyone have email notification set as a default?
I cannot remember if I turned if on or off when I first joined?

I've tried contacting some members and I was just wondering if emails were sent to those people when I sent them a private message.

Also - could you let me know what your policy is on private messages? Meaning, does anyone read them besides the sender and recipient?


Answering your inquires in order:

1) By default, each new member to our forum has email notification turned on. Therefore, when you send someone a PM, an email is dispatched to the account owner via email. You can turn this function off in your user control panel. We believe this feature is useful and therefore have it set to "On" for all new accounts created. Unless one of the members you messages turned the mail notification feature off, they should have gotten the notification of the message that you sent.

2) Our policy is that nobody reads, intercepts or otherwise views the contents of PM's. The only exception would be in the case of reported harassment, fraud or other circumstance that would implore us to view someone's private messages. That said, please understand that the contents of the PM's are stored in plain text in the database. Therefore, we ask that you DO NOT share personal contact information via PM's. Things such as address, telephone numbers and other personally identifiable information. (If you wish to exchange sensitive information with another member, please obtain the other member's email address.) Lastly, Eliah (TAG Administrator) is the only person that would have access to the raw database, where the data is stored. None of the operators (Karen, Mike or myself) have direct access to those data tables.

I hope these answers are satisfactory and if you have any further inquiry, please do let us know.

That makes sense. The email notification works for me, I get a notice each time a message comes in. (really helpful when I can't visit the forum a lot)

For the privacy part, that makes sense too. I have been a member of other forums where they have an ability to read the PM's at will. Just was curious if you had that here too. What about pasting info from a private message in the public forum? Any specific rule about that?
Hi Mark,

Chris's explanation was basically spot on. For clarity sakes, we would simply prefer that no one exchange sensitive information via a Private Message here. Sharing information about something where the information is already in a public venue, that is perfectly appropriate.

There is not a set rule on posting Private Message details in a public forum, you should however consider what you are posting and if the sender would be okay with you posting the message publicly. Surprisingly, this is a hot topic on some other boards I am involved with. If in doubt, don't post a Private Message publicly.

If there are any unclear points, please let us know.

Thanks to you both.

Points well taken, keep up the excellent work.
So you guys aren't looking at the porn links I am sending to Mark???
Adds value to the thread. +1 :rolleyes:

Nice of you to show yourself though.

I aim to please!

Are you having split-personality disorder today?? You're talking to me on MSN and you post 'nice of you to show yourself'? :confused:

You do your job and I will do mine. :D
And yet you post the link to this thread in our MSN chat, lol.

I'm with Eliah in Shinagawa, working the site. So, yes, I am doing my job. (for beer!)
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