Questions About The Women On The Street


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Jan 30, 2014
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In Shibuya at night and the area where I live where there's some hostess clubs and pinsaros there's always attractive (or well sometimes) women just standing around looking at their phone or looking at any man that passes them. In my area they have never really said anything to me but they do look at me with a very intense look but in Shibuya the women usually come up to me and just say "Blowjob? Sex?" and things like that.

I'm just wondering if these are all common prostitutes or are they trying to get you into their place (pinsaro for example) somewhere close? I'm also wondering how legal this is. Since getting a blowjob is legal at a place like a pinsaro is it illegal to get one from one of these women on the street or is it fine? Anyone that has any experience or info to share :)?
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Whereabouts in Shibuya are you talking about?
One of the main streets that has big clubs like Vision. Not sure what the name is, sorry.
I think I've seen them. My gut reaction is to avoid them.

There used to be a lot of Chinese girls on the street in Kabukicho who would promise all sorts of things, bait and switch, up sell, take all your money and not do anything. Lots of people got ripped off. But I've read people do well with girls in Shibuya, sorry I don't remember where I read it.