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Sep 11, 2009
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Welcome to my daily 'crap' thread! I do love living in Japan, it is fun! Every now and then, there's something that annoys the crap out of me.

Lets start with this kid:
The News said:
A 10-year-old boy was detained by police on Tuesday after he set Nagoya’s famous Saishoji temple alight, burning the building to cinders and injuring two women who were in the area at the time.
According to police, a local resident saw the boy inside a barrier at the temple watching the fire with a happy expression on his face. Police said the boy has admitted to lighting the fire himself. He was quoted as saying: “I wanted to see things burning.” There was no one inside the temple at the time of the fire.
The fire burned about 800 square meters around the temple, including part of a nearby nursery school, and took about seven hours to extinguish. Saishoji is located in the center of an area of small, winding roads, making it difficult for police to access the fire and temporarily putting nearby homes in danger.
Saishoji is a temple of the Otani sect of Shin Buddhism, and the temple building itself was constructed in 1487.

It could be the bad translation, but do they really say it like that? Yeah, I know.. some people have real mental problems, I get that. This kid at 10 years old, was really that obssesed with seeing things burn? I don't know... you see these kind of stories all the time: "I did it because my life sucks..." - "I did it because...." always some line of excuse that some of us deal with day in and day out but don't go around murdering people over it. (Just like that asshole in Akihabara in 2008) People I work with (Japanese folk) just assume these people have bad home lives or they were bullied, etc. etc. There's always an EXCUSE.

Yeah, don't get me started on the upskirt pictures... that's a whole other ball-o-wax! Google can help you there, if you really need to satisfy that twitch!

Oh - and today, I was riding the Ginza line from Ueno to Nihonbashi... around 9am or so, there was this woman, late 20's I guess.. but she was severely claustrophobic and just freaking out when people would pack on to the train. I don't blame her for having that problem, but maybe she should use an alternative form of transporation or avoid the trains during that time. I was standing next to her and while she was flipping out, people were looking at the Gaijin (me) like WTF are you doing to her???? (I wasn't doing shit!) She bolted out of the train at Nihonbashi.... I headed to the Tozai line at that point and just shook my head... lol

For the number of years I've been in Japan now, I could write one hell of a book, but I'm too god damned lazy. :D
Ok, so the girl on the subway was a little freaky. It's not all that bad! :p:p

You should try being a woman :D and a white one at that! What annoys me is the people that stare but immediately flip their eyes when you catch them. Or the nasty Japanese men staring down at my breasts! Ugh... it's not like I'm wearing anything flashy, just typical working clothes (the kind that you wear to an office, get your mind out of the gutter!). How about those guys who press up against in the train in the morning an ENJOY it. :(:mad: I feel sorry for some of the smaller Japanese ladies and young girls for that matter. There are some horny, fetish-driven men in this country!!!!:rolleyes: Just keep your paws off my chest & butt, k? THANKS! :cool:
Ha! We all could write a few chapters about life here! It's healthy to write about it, but always know, you are not alone! Haha!

That woman on the Ginza line, that was unique. I have not seen that, yet.
I don't know exactly what the hell :mad: was going on this morning; got to the Yamanote platform at Ebisu this morning and the Yamanote was stopped! In the end, I had to take a Taxi cab from Ebisu to get to work. :(

Any idea what was going on this morning???
Any idea what was going on this morning???

No idea! :p

Really don't use the JR line much at all for my location. I did hear a number of complaints from other people, didn't hear a reason though. Sorry. :eek:

yamanote notice screen said something about the tracks being cleared. i dont know much more, the blue line jr train, keihin-tohoku line? was full of people and moving real slow near ueno this morning.
Whatever. It was a hassle getting to work this morning. :(
Everyday is a hassle for me! What are you blabbering about Cake?! At least you have some choice!
Everyday is a hassle for me! What are you blabbering about Cake?! At least you have some choice!

Choice? What Choice? Well, I admit that there is at least one Subway station along with the JR platforms but the Hibiya line does not go the way I need to go in the mornings. Yes, of course it works but it just takes a lot longer.

BTW, I'll blabber about whatever I want! :p
BTW, I'll blabber about whatever I want! :p

I see, so noted.

I generally prefer the subway on rainy days for obvious reasons. It's about a 10-minute walk to my local subway station, maybe 8-minutes in a brisk walk. The station is usually packed with people since there's only 1 line and you can get to the next major junction in two stops.

On clear, Sunday days, the JR is a nice ride. Get to see stuff above ground instead of dark & dirty tunnels.
Today's random rant:

Once again today, the Yamanote train was stopped during my usual commute time! This happened on Monday as well! Whoever is causing all of the problems, plz stop! k? thx!

Let's see - what else is there on my rant board for today:

- It's raining today, so it's a rainy, cold day in Tokyo. (Bleh!)
- I fixed that rainy with at least two cups of my favorite Starbucks holiday drink! (Gingerbread Latte!)
- Lunch - Bento, not too bad. Would have preferred hot ramen or pasta --- too cold to walk that far to get it.
- Mr. Lonely Guy - Stopped by my table six times today so far. Does he assume I'm going smile every time for him, just to make him feel better? I think not!
- Haven't studied my Japanese books for the last two days. My sensei is going to kill me tomorrow, I'm sure.
- Dry Cleaning - FORGOT AGAIN. CRAP. :(

And it's only Tuesday. Great.. :(

Karen- thanks for the tip! I went out and got one of those gingerbread latte drinks. It was delicious.

Sorry, I don't have any rants today otherwise.

WAIT. I do... Karen, Random image thread, NOW, GOD DAMMIT! :(
Not much in the way of 'Random Stuff' happening is there? ;)
Slow woman, yes you are. Two days later does not count!
Slow woman, yes you are. Two days later does not count!

Remember that saying, the pot calling the kettle black? Let's talk about the 5-day delay responses I've gotten from you! :confused: Karen at least responds to me in a few hours, usually. :)


It's okay, Karen at least calls when I'm the shower. She at least knows when I am naked. ;)

Your emails always are to give me something to do! Let's say that I don't ignore you, but I certainly add a little delay in my response!
The things I have to learn about on the Internet! You are right Bishop, TMI, definitely!

Now, I will stick to text messages! That thought will always enter my head if I ever call you again. I don't think you could possibly ruin my text messages, but knowing you, there may be a way. Just maybe...