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    Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely young lady who was working as an escort (previously AM at one time) and also for a Japanese delivery health shop. The chance meeting of a former AM girl was completely by chance, since most of the ladies I meet are through JDH agencies.

    (this was not a paid encounter, just a chat over lunch about the business)

    The discussion about clients refusing to pay came up. I've only heard stories about clients refusing to pay, but I heard two particular stories that piqued my interest.

    Typically, the rule is: Business first, pleasure later. I think most of you in this hobby know and respect this rule. Most shops drill into the ladies, the rules about collecting the money up front before offering any sort of service. However, there are some cases where the lady will forget about the rules *or* be sweet talked into doing it later. (for clarity, goes for Japanese and foreign men alike)

    So, I asked what happens if you have given service to a client but they refused to pay at the end? (either they refused to pay or claimed 'I don't have the cash today')

    1) In a Japanese shop situation, the manager or designated support people would come to the hotel room to work things out. Or, if it can't be worked out, then police can get involved if it's a legal shop. If the service is in the grey zone, then the client is just banned from using the service again. The lady would have to otherwise pay her shop out-of-pocket, since she technically did not follow the rules.

    2) In a foreign shop, it seems that the girl would just be asked to leave and pay the shop out of pocket. As far as we know, the pay-first rule applies in all cases.

    In the end, she said that it's uncommon for this to happen since the ladies follow the rules. If they don't, it comes out of their pocket and they know it. Sadly, there are number of ladies working hand-to-mouth, so they cannot afford to have this happen.

    We hope that our TAG members are respectful of the rules and the ladies! :)

    As a reminder:

    There are still cases being reported of money or items being stolen from the girls and/or the clients. Please remember to protect your belongings when on a date. Don't leave your wallet or purse in an area where you cannot see or control access to it. If you have a smartphone or a regular cell phone with sensitive information, be sure to lock it with a pass code or biometric where possible!
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