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Remote Access Setup - Windows 7


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Sep 24, 2009
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Hi fellow techie types! I know you are out there.

I'm familiar with RDP/RDC through Windows XP and what not, but I'm not familiar with how to make it work so that I can connect to my home PC while at work.

I've got an NTT Hikari line with service from OCN. From the NTT ONU, I have that connected to my local router (Buffalo) which is then connected to my main PC by a wired connection. (PC is Windows 7U)

So, help a girl out, ok?????

Here's a start:

1) You'll need to have port 3398 open on your router, I don't recommend using DMZ as that would leave your PC open to unwanted attacks. I suggest just forwarding that one port inward to your PC.

2) You'll need to setup your user account in Windows 7 to have rights to use the remote desktop. Usually, by default, you main account has access. You just need to enable the access in Windows 7 Advanced configuration.

3) Wherever you are accessing your PC from, will need to allow port 3398 outbound. I know for a fact that my office has a proxy for internet access outside of the main intranet and all ports are blocked except 80 and a few other select ports. I have my own personal laptop with an emobile access stick to accomplish what I need.

4) As an option; I recommend using a Dynamic DNS address from -- so that you don't have to track down your home IP address each time it changes. I know for a fact that OCN changes the IP addresses on home accounts frequently. (For a fact, each time the ONU gets rebooted, a new IP is assigned.) You can install an application on your PC to auto-update your host entry. Your router may have this option built in. Some routers have it, some don't. So check your router's setup page.

5) For the user account, set a decently strong password. There is also a way to change your default port in Windows as well if too many attacks start trying to flow in over port 3389.

Let me know which of these steps you need detailed help with and I'll do my best to get you going.

I'll take a look around when I get some free time. I *think* I can handle this, but I'll let you know if I need more tech help.

Ok. Let me know! It's easy to walk you through it if you need the help. The hard part is your router and your access from wherever you want to login from.

GL for now!
Eh... seems that lots of ports are blocked at the office.

Will have to find other solution! :(
Eh... seems that lots of ports are blocked at the office.

Will have to find other solution! :(

Sorry to hear, that sucks. :( Do you know what ports ARE open?
Hey Chris, sorry for not replying earlier.

Basically, everything is blocked. We have a proxy server for regular net access. I'm going to buy a small laptop and emobile card sometime soon, similar to what you have.

I realized that I probably shouldn't be posting on this site from work, lol... I can keep the laptop on my desk without a problem. Emobile should work fine our building.

I'll let you know after I but the new stuff, when I need more help.

Thanks so much!