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    Date/Time: 4th week in May, 2014, late afternoon
    Provider: Rena (Japanese)
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: She came to my hotel in Osaka (not a love hotel). Also available in Kyoto, Kobe.
    Language Specifics: She speaks very little English, but arrangements can be made thru the website with Sayuri, who speaks native-level English.
    Session Length/Fee: 2 hr, 60,000.
    Physical Description: Young (seemed mid-twenties), beautiful face and teeth, firm smooth skin, perky behind, natural A or small B breasts (US sizes), flat tummy, slim but not skinny/bony, hair below shoulders. Photos are accurate.
    Details: Due to a last-minute mixup, the girl I had planned to meet was unavailable, so Rena kindly agreed to substitute. I had been told very little about her. So if she had been nothing special, I was prepared. But from the moment I opened the door, her youthful beauty and radiance swept me up, and I felt a strong attraction. Rena was dressed in a short flowery spring skirt, pantyhose, high heels, a sweater, and an overcoat. Sexy and classy. She looked just the kind of girl you see on the street and want to get close too. I offered her some refreshment. She was warm and conformed to my long lingering embraces. Shortly we lay on the bed in our birthday suits, and kissed and caressed and fondled, while my desire for her grew and grew (so to speak). She was totally clean and smelled good everywhere but I suggested a shower thinking it might help put her at ease. And besides, what is better than being in the shower with a naked wet lovely girl?! Not much, but read on! I donned a mint flavored accessory and was amply rewarded. I swung her sweet bottom over my face and did my best to make her feel good too. I think I succeeded because after a while she moaned, then quivered a few times and got very sensitive. I am thicker than average but she rode without complaint. Eventually I fancied having her put on her short skirt and bend over. So I put it on her (nothing else) but discovered to both of our amusement that it had shorts built-in. So off it went and we did without. After the fireworks, I had her lie with her back against me and my arms around her. I kissed her neck and fell asleep straightaway. Shortly I awoke wondering where I was and who was in my arms ... then remembering. Oh how heavenly! I gave her some massage and we cuddled and kissed some more. A final shower and off she went, a vision of loveliness. I am not in Osaka often but if ever I have the chance, for sure I will see Rena again!
    Recommendation: Yes! Yes! Yes!
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    Nice review - Thanks.
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