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Reraku Chinese Salon In Yurakucho


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Sep 25, 2013
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Long time reader and first time poster. I have lived in Japan for a long time and thought it was time I started sharing at this forum.

I`ve gone to Reraku Salon near Yurakucho station off and on for a few years now. They used to be called Massage Bee and were near Tokyo station. This is their new shop and it is very nice, and clean.

It is a Chinese massage with happy ending, or if you want you can get FS. The main lady there is about 39 and hot. She has a great rack (artificially enhanced, nice legs and a pretty face. She has some nice curves. But is not fat at all. She also dresses well, often like an office lady, which I like. I especially like taking off those office clothes, and giving her what she and I need. (at least I need, LOL!)

20K gets you a fantastic massage, I think it is over an hour, and then FS. I like variety so go to some different places, but often go back to visit the beautiful Mamasan (from Taiwan). YMMV

If you just want a massage and HE, then that is 15,000. Great massage!

Here is the website:

I went a few times and only got an HJ, until one day I was offered FS. It seems some of the Chinese massage places work that way.

I think if you are in Yurakucho or nearby and want to have a bit of fun, it is good place. I notice the Mamasan (Yuki) doesn`t have her photo on the website anymore) and there are a lot of new women there. So not sure if things have changed. But last time I went in August, the game was as described above. Happy Punting!
Replying to my own thread LOL! I think the Mamasan Yuki, is now going by the name Riri.
Hard to tell with make up, clothes and hairstyle changes, but I think that is her.
Thanks for the insight and another choice out there for us get our hands on. (No pun intended).
I think the Mamasan speaks some English as she travels abroad sometimes. I always spoke Japanese with them. I don`t think their English is so good.
Good afternoon all. Does anybody know if this place is still in business? Have they changed websites?

Thanks for the info in advance.
Thanks Bob for the information. I was just wondering because they did have a website at one time and now it seems to be down so I'm not sure as to what the problem is. Do you have their website?
Sorry come to think of it, they were moving and I see their website is down. Can`t remember where they were moving to.
If you find out what the website is or where they moved to can you please post it on this forum as I would like to try to make a visit. The website must of went down earlier this week because I was able to locate it earlier.
Sorry bichan2, I won`t know, as I imagine they will have a new name and I didn`t bother to find out what it will be.